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Published: July 11th 2012
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Trail to the ChurchTrail to the ChurchTrail to the Church

This pretty trail led to the Seton Collegiate Church.
After a run in the rain, we decided to get away from the morning rain shower, so we went and saw Ice Age 4. It was probably a lot like seeing it in Canada but we felt a need to get away from the rain for a bit. When it ended, the rain had stopped too! Lucky! So, after having a quick lunch back at home, we headed north and east towards North Berwick. The drive was lovely and our first stop was Seton Collegiate Church. This was an historic church that also had the remains of where 6 priests had lived beside the church. There was also the Castle next door which used to be owned by Lord Seton (a series of Lord Setons through the generations actually) but has been bought fairly recently by a newly-minted internet entrepreneur who invented an internet search engine and made millions! It is off-limits to the public obviously but we could look across and see the castle that he has had rebuilt in the fashion of the original castle. Man, what a place to live! The church had a lovely garden too and we enjoyed walking around the property.

Next, on to
Seton Collegiate ChurchSeton Collegiate ChurchSeton Collegiate Church

This shows one part of the church.
Tantallon Castle which was a real find!! It is perched on the tip of a point in North Berwick looking out over Bass Rock. Bass Rock is covered by 2,300 pairs of sea birds nesting their. In the old days army guys had to climb up the rock (pulled up in a wicker basket by rope) and live off the fish the birds caught and light fires with their nests while they protected the firth leading into Edinburgh. What an amazing view. The castle remains were facinating too and the kids enjoyed discovering all the nooks and crannies and stairs.

We then found our way to Milsey Beach in North Berwick and spent over an hour walking up and down the beach. No jelly fish this time. Same body of water though. This part of Scotland was really nice and the kids especially enjoyed today's castles and beach.

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Tantallon CastleTantallon Castle
Tantallon Castle

This shows the back entrance to the castle.
Milsey BeachMilsey Beach
Milsey Beach

This was in North Berwick.
Another rock!Another rock!
Another rock!

Looks like Bass rock but isn't.

11th July 2012

is not Tantallon castle great. did you see the dove cotes? MomR

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