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Published: February 10th 2005
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My New, Spacious RoomMy New, Spacious RoomMy New, Spacious Room

Just a few minutes's walk from the Univ. of Limerick campus...
I can't write much (the computer lab's about to close), but I found a place to stay and free access to computers! Yay! And they have USB ports, so I can upload some of my pics soon!

Anyway, the house is nice, just about a 10 minute walk from the main buildings of the University. I have three roomies-- Oscar from Spain, Istaban from Hungary, and Cliona from Galway, Ireland. I've met the first two, and they're very nice, but the Irish girl isn't supposed to come back until classes start.

I had orientation today and got shown all around the University with a bunch of other wide-eyed students. Fortunately, I wasn't as bad off as some of them-- I'd gotten rid of my jet lag, unlike a number of others there. Tonight we're having a free dinner at a restaurant in the students union, so that should be fun, too!

Okay, they'll be kicking me out any moment now, so I'll write more soon and hopefully get some pictures up!

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Another view of my roomAnother view of my room
Another view of my room

Here in Limerick
Spanish RoommateSpanish Roommate
Spanish Roommate

Oscar, my Spanish roommate

10th February 2005

STRATT-ON! - Christopher M.
11th February 2005

I am very glad that you have a home and hope you get setteled in, and thanks for my birthday card, you rock! - Meghan
12th February 2005

Oh dear!
Good thing there are no Romanian roommates! Let us know how the Guinness tastes! - Frasssetto

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