Another European adventure.

Published: June 2nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

After an exceptionally frenic 3 weeks the day of my evening departure(28/5) came 'in like a lion' and stayed all day.Excessively heavy rain causing brown run-offs on the roads in the village including a 'swimming pool on the level section of the climb out(More of this anon). Got the car packed before the worst of the downpours thank goodness.So after watching much television with the 'kids' I braved the elements to have a late lunch with M+G+Fatmay. Then again at 6pm to do the usual feeds and at 8pm,G came down to housesit and I left him and Chocky(head on knee) enjoying the evening till bedtime.

As I said previously I negotiated the village road and got on to the roads that would take me in the right direction.With the rain continuing to download, I struggled through copious brown streams across the road and also a further 4 'pools' before I got to the main highway to Sofia. 40/50 km.p.h (nightmare) and twice as long to known marker points. At Targovishta I arrived on wet roads but no puddles or rivers or pools.Rain still falling heavily necessitating full speed wipers at times.However from V.Turnovo onwards it dried up and I acheived a respectable 6hrs to outskirts of Sofia. A further 1 hr saw me over the border and descending the mountain road back into light (Serbian) rain. The work on the motorway is advancing well and with the rain finishing at Novi Sad ,the weather remained fine, after morning mist, till the beginning of Germany. In the interim numerous roadworks,necessitating low speeds ,began to frustate me.Capped twice by one lorry, trying to overtake another,uphill on a 2 lane motorway!Result large queue of vechicles held back behind me! By the time I reached Liege it was apparent that I would miss the ferry,but as the next was free for me it just remaind to make it!!This I did with 30mins in hand.

The crossing was good,fog met me in Dover and the British customs decided to wave me over to the booths.After an exhaustive grilling about why,when and where I would reside they let me on my way.The last car to exit(though 10th off the boat!!) The problem was now that the 2hour later schedule meant that I arrived at the M25 at 7.45 am - say no more!!It was however a swings and rounabouts affair as arriving off the M6 toll road on to the M6 I had the best traverse to the M56 junction I have ever had.So arrived with Joan and Den, later than planned but quicker than expected.A very pleasant stay saw me making my way to Rick and Anne's where I 'uncoiled' and had a great night. The next morning I boarded the ferry and had a party for I in the cabin with white rum(off the dutyfree) and music from my personal CD player. The eating arrangements have changed greatly and in my view not for the better though others have disagreed.One new innovation however is free WiFi all the way across.Great for short periods as there are no normal plug outlets so it's battery operation only. Yesterday I completed my jobs,chose the 'goodies' to to come home with,meeting Fiona's family and mother,before arriving at Kells for the mass Laming gathering/meeting of parts after a long time. Now I am waiting for the household here to arise so I can begin the day's programme.Namely dog walk,shower ,legs feet hands abloute and overnite bag packed,so that all ready for the big day.Sven and Clare's wedding that is not the royal event!!Torch coming through Carrick tomorrow afternoon so all in all a buzzy weekend in store. The story will resume(on board the ferry) of the weekend and Monday(my birthday) plus packing the car for Bulgaria. Next 3 weeks it will remain in situ whilst I holiday in Cornwall.Look out all,here I come.!!


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