going out with a Bomb Threat: Belfast and the Giant's Causeway

Published: May 20th 2011
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My last day of vacation did not disappoint.

I met two cool Canadians at my hostel who had signed up for the same tour I did, the Giant's Causeway day trip. There were a few other stops on the schedule, but the Giant's Causeway was the big ticket item.

Our trip was delayed a lot longer than our 9:30 estimated start time, and once we got on the road the driver told us why: there was a bomb threat on the route to our first stop, and the company eventually decided there was no way to get to it, and we headed off.

as an aside, it's 3:30am right now and i'm updating from Dublin Airport. i'll probably try to get some sleep soon, b/c i'm having some trouble concentrating haha.

The tour overall was nice. the tour guide wasn't the best i've had, but i think he was having a bad day. My new Canadian friends were/are awesome, and they showed me a great day. We took a bajillion pics at the Causeway, and had a great day in general.

After the Causeway, i went and crossed a rope bridge that was about 250 feet above sea level. i was hoping it would be more of a challenge, but it had a board across the bottom. apparently it's in regular use lol.

I climbed all over everything i could at the Causeway proper : ) it was a lot of fun!

after we got back to Belfast (around 7p), we headed back to the hostel where i dropped my bag and then grabbed dinner at a place called "made in Belfast", which had a kind of meta-hipster vibe. Not full hipster, but like... hipster with personal hygiene. kind of like Urban Outfitters, i'd say. that kind of style.

I had one of the specials, the "Aussie Burger". a third-pound of Black Angus beef with a fried egg, bacon, cheese, beets and carrots on top. add the word "irish" and "sustainable" in front of all of those food words in the previous sentence. they seemed to have a hard-on for that there lol.

for dessert, i had something i've never had before and i can't for the life of me remember the name. it was a suuuper, super light, crumbly cake-like thing, with a lighter version of whipped cream on it, with a kind of honey glaze and bits of honeycomb, and some strawberry slices on it. whatever it was, it was good. i also tried my new friends' crème brulée, which was pretty good, too :P

I'm tired as hell. i might try to sleep a bit before my plane in... ten and a half hours lol

it's been a helluva ride, and i'll post pics on the appropriate blog when i get back.

Sleep Awaits!


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my new Canadian friends and an over-excited American hahamy new Canadian friends and an over-excited American haha
my new Canadian friends and an over-excited American haha

this guy got smashed up to his knees by a wave

20th May 2011

nice blog, The dessert I think you're referring to is called Pavlova very popular in Belfast (I am from there) but originates in New Zealand, hope you get to travel again soon
20th May 2011

Pavlova! that's it! haha thanks very much : )

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