Published: June 5th 2006
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Our bags are packed...Our bags are packed...Our bags are packed...

Hopefully we dont come back with back problems....
Hello everyone
I know its been a really long time since the last update but after my huge adventure in April i took some time to enjoy Glasgow as well as a week trip to Spain where I lounged on the beach and partyed the whole time! I will now give you all a quick update of my last 2 weeks!

Now I am on my 1 month backpacking adventure with Carly and so far we have filled our time quiet well! She came into Glasgow on the same day I finished my exams (which all went well i think) then for the next few days we had the huge task of cleaning out my room, packing everything up, saying goodbyes to everyone, partying for the last times as well as getting her unstuck from my elevator.... ya that part was not too much fun!

So now we are in Ireland, we started out in Belfast and are now checking out Dublin. I dont have many pictures to share yet becuase my camera decided to break a week before we left and the one I am currently using doesnt have a screen- therefore Carly has most of the good shots, but I will show you what I have anyways.

Last Friday we took the VERY short and VERY cheap flight to Belfast and stayed at an international hostel there. During our 2 nights there we explored the city, including their city hall, and took a 1 day bus tour to the Giants Cuaseway- it was amazing to see! We then also checked out the Ireland nightlife, where we learned that Irish people really do know how to drink, they are alot like the Scottish actually! After our two nights here we took the bus down to Dublin and began our next adventure....

In Dublin we took a backpackers pubcrawl where they took us to 5 different pubs that are not the typical tourist places. There was about 35 people on the tour and they were from all over the world (but mostly America and Canada). We went to this one place where they brewed their own Strawberry beer and it sure was yummy.... tasted just like a cooler. Today we have just been catching up on some sleep and shopping at this excellent store called Penny's! We are planning to go on the tour of Guiness brewery
Irish landscapeIrish landscapeIrish landscape

On our tour to the they drove all the way along the eastern coast... it was BEAUTIFUL!
tomorrow and just looking at what else Dublin has to offer 😊

After we leave Ireland in 2 days we are going to Venice where we'll be camping outside the city for 2 days then taking an exciting 24 hour ferry to Greece 😊 But it will be great to sit in the sun and relax 😊

I hope everything is well with you guys at home, and its not long until i see you all!
PS: Happy Graduation to everyone who graduated this month too 😊

Love Andrea

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crazy bridgecrazy bridge
crazy bridge

We were among the brave few people to cross this bridge
view from belfast castleview from belfast castle
view from belfast castle

It took us forever to walk here but it was worth it!

I was hanging over the edge of the cliff to take this picture, dont worry Mom and Dad I was safe!
Belgium beerBelgium beer
Belgium beer

I chose the most classy and highest percentage beer!

Our group of German Doctor friends :)
eww dirty feeteww dirty feet
eww dirty feet

This picture was taken at 5am yesterday morning after carly's shoe had broken in the bar and had to walk for about 2 hours to get back- thank goodness this nice Irish man helped us out

6th June 2006

Cliff hanging!
Great photos - you two are crazy! I retired today- effective June15th - Dad

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