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December 23rd 2011
Published: December 23rd 2011
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Money Money MoneyMoney Money MoneyMoney Money Money

It may always be a problem but it's not something that can not be worked around.
As I said in my previous post and from the beginning of the blog, nothing and I mean nothing is ever simple.

I don't really see that as a bad thing mind, I also believe that everything happens for a reason and you've just got to get on with things.

This week my parents have arrived back in the country and after conversations with my sister it has emerged that they are a completely skint, this is due to the house that they have here being unoccupied, prior to my first working venture abroad I'd been renting from them since the day they left, this was convenient for both of us but I'd maintained more so for them, as financially speaking it was hindering me so badly, I was paying £400 a month for a 3 bedroomed house, couldn't get any flatmates in. Now don't get me wrong, it's dirt cheap for what it is, but it's far too expensive for what I want or need. What allowed me to go abroad and work was giving up the house and my mum coming back to England to sort out the house and work for a bit whilst she did, they honestly believed at the time that this would be better for them as they would have someone in paying a lot more money.... In the whole time I've lived there it was only last November and December where I fell short on my rent payments, money to this day that is still not paid back as I don't have any disposable income unless I live like a recluse which isn't in me to do*.

So anyway, as I expected it wouldn't be smooth sailing for them not having me in the place and it's proved it right now, to their credit they haven't requested that I put my life on hold and pay them back what I owe them as I've told them I'll be paying them that back after I've finished paying my loan which is currently a monthly payment of £165 until December next year.... (You're now seeing why this is a blog about managing to work abroad/go travelling whilst being absolutely skint and in debt, it's a bumpy road)

But I spoke to my friend last night and said maybe Tenerife may not come off like planned due to this hiccup, I can't see my parents borrowing money off my sister whilst I owe them money, all should be fine should they sell their place in Egypt which they're looking to do regardless of all this, or should a tenant come in (which looks like early January), so I've told him maybe this is happened for a reason...

Rather than be upset and downbeat about this, I'm still aiming to do Tenerife but I have a back up plan should things not go as smoothly as liked, I've always said I'd like to work in Australia before I'm 26 (Sta travel do cheap flights for under 26's as far as I know) so if the worst happens, I'll clear what I owe mum and alot of my loan up front and we'll skip Tenerife and do Australia around June time, only difficulty will mean finding somewhere to live after January which is only possible if he moves up here and becomes my housemate or vice versa.

I'm still highly confident and sure that I can pull this off.

New medical screening is 11th January, if I get accepted the payment will be £1500 and will come at the end of February, meaning I can pay my mum off and still have from now and then to save enough to go to Tenerife.

Onwards and upwards and remember to never give up. Everything happens for a reason. C'est La Vie.


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