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January 31st 2009
Published: June 17th 2017
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01 Council House01 Council House01 Council House

The grand Council House.
Geo: 52.483, -1.89356

Jess and I caught an early morning train to Birmingham this morning. We wanted to get out of London for the weekend and go somewhere we had not been before. We walked through the city in search of tonight's hostel. We came across the information centre and picked up a map and brochures. Once we knew where we were staying we decided to visit the Birmingham Nature Reserve. To get there we had to catch a local bus. It was a bit embarrassing asking the young bus driver where we had to get off. He was nice and made an announcement for us when we got the right stop. The nature reserve was fun, but pretty miserable. There were many animals that seemed sad, lacked space or were not usually found in this climate.

We caught the bus back to the centre of town and after lunch went for a walk along the canal. Spent the rest of the cold afternoon indoors at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. There was a lot to see in here and quite interesting. After we had Chinese for dinner, thought it was best we went back to the hostel, especially before it
02 African Porcupine02 African Porcupine02 African Porcupine

It was feeding time for these African Porcupines.
got too dark or late. The hostel was in a pretty dodgy part of town.

Additional photos below
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03 Cranes03 Cranes
03 Cranes

Tall birds.
04 Turtles04 Turtles
04 Turtles

Turtles in their little glass home.
05 Beavers05 Beavers
05 Beavers

These beavers could not keep still!
06 Lemur06 Lemur
06 Lemur

They remind me of the movie Madagascar.
07 Colourful pheasant07 Colourful pheasant
07 Colourful pheasant

Loved the bright orange feathers.
08 Canal08 Canal
08 Canal

View of the canal.
09 Canal09 Canal
09 Canal

Another view of the canal.
10 Canal10 Canal
10 Canal

View of the canals.
11 Ducks11 Ducks
11 Ducks

Ducks swimming in the canal.
12 Museum and Art Gallery12 Museum and Art Gallery
12 Museum and Art Gallery

The place where we spent the afternoon.
13 The Piazza of St Marks, Venice13 The Piazza of St Marks, Venice
13 The Piazza of St Marks, Venice

William Logsdail, Arabs walking through the city square.
14 Widow14 Widow
14 Widow

Her husband didn't return from a fishing trip.
15 Train ride15 Train ride
15 Train ride

A train ride to Brighton from London.
16 Round gallery16 Round gallery
16 Round gallery

One of the gallerys many rooms.
17 Warwick Castle17 Warwick Castle
17 Warwick Castle

Antonio Canaletto, spent some time in the area and this is his painting of the nearby Warwick Castle.
19 The Distressed Poet19 The Distressed Poet
19 The Distressed Poet

William Hogarth, shows the man on the left trying to write peotry, at the same time the landlady has burst in wanting the rent and behind her a dog is stealing their meat.
20 Glass20 Glass
20 Glass

Glass from the when the Romans were in town.
21 Glass21 Glass
21 Glass

Glass from the when the Romans were in town.

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