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April 24th 2012
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Well, I didn't sleep very well lastnight, so Idecided to look at my itinerary for my 3 trips. The 8days from Las Vegas, the 18 days from Vietnam to Bangkok, and the 15 day tour from Singapore to Bangkok, and well, what did I see, a medical form which I should have completed and returned to trail finders, and the main one, I need a Vietnamese Visa, who have thought !!!!!! Too late for me to apply in person so I've got to do it on line, but no guarantee that my name will be on the list when I arrive at Hanoi Airport. Surprisingly enough, I'm not that panicky, I should be, maybe it's the hysteria that's taken over. I just stop laughing. I've also not received my travel insurance documents, or my credit card security number for my bank account so I can't actually activate my account.

I've only been planning this since January.


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24th April 2012

Oh dear......
Oh Em, I was crying with laughter!! So apart from not having a bank card (therefore no money) and not having filled in your medical form (rather important) and you not having a visa for Vietnam (so might not get into the country for your trip), everything else is OK?? It will all be OK in the end. I'm sure it has happened to 1000's before and it will happen to others in the future. Keep us updated on what else you've forgotten - it's turning a dreary day into something rather fun! Just blame your hair colour! :-)
26th April 2012

What about your train ticket? LOL!
Em! What are you like! Hope all your posts are going to be as funny as this one! Following your globetrotting is going to be an adventure in itself for us left behind in good ole Blighty! x

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