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May 26th 2005
Published: May 26th 2005
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Amber is officially gone. She left this morning. I had to drop her off at the airport last night because her flight left this morning at 6am. I miss her. I am realizing how hard it is going to be to leave the people I have met. Feeling a little down today. I am exhausted, still recovering from uni stress, and an emotional case! This trip has changed my life and I have met amazing people. Goodbye's are the worst and some of these goodbye's are "have a nice life" (quote taken from amber) or as Josh would say "have a nice life and dont die soon." Leaving Josh is going to kill me as well. I can't believe I leave a week from Saturday to go back to work and summer school. Enough of my slobbering... Let me take you on the journey of the last "Proper" night out.
Friday I got dressed up and headed over to Amber's. All the girls were there and we had drinks. It was great because everyone was goofy and having a good time. I realized then just how amazing these people were.
Headed to the union. Amber and I arrived and took our first shots.... Okay I am a bad influence... It was horrible and I forgot how bad bacardi is. Looked for Joshua and Leon told me he was sick. Good work Josh! He finally showed up so I wasnt alone! All of the girls and Josh hit the dance floor. Then it ended up being Amber, Josh, and I like ususal! We had the greatest time rocking out to the classics such as Benny and June, Thriller, and some old skool music. We danced till about 1:30 and then Amber was ready to head to bed. Ah we are grandmas'! What am I going to do without her for 8 days!! AH AMBER COME BACK! Okay I am good, not going to cry... You can do it!
So Josh, Amber, and I headed back to her place for late night B-B-Q. Then Josh and I headed back to my place for a bit. Ah the last night... It isnt over yet because I have a few days left, but I will make it. I am excited to see everyone at home it is just hard to end this chapter in my life. I feel comfortable here now. I am putting a lot of pics up. Just memories of uni pics. We are close to my last blog. This is a little depressing. Hope everyone is well!

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27th May 2005

I'll talk to you when you get back. Also, my mom's office does need some summer help! Get in touch when you get back! - Lisa
31st May 2005

hey there eurojules, cant belive you're nearly finished in engerland, what the hell am i supposed to read if you stop you blog, i've been living vicariously through you kerrazzy young people for months now!!! stay in touch.a - Andy

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