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June 26th 2015
Published: October 7th 2015
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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my online travel diary. I have just subscribed, and will keep you updated about my Stay Abroad throughout the following next 10 weeks.

It´s not my first time here, I have been here before (Approximately 10/11 times). I have many relatives and friends in the UK and can visit them when want. My cousins live in London, My aunt lives in Sheffield, some of my friends live in Manchester and Brighton etc. I have been to London and Sheffield more than the other cities, and I have a crush when it comes to Sheffield. It reminds me of Erbil, Iraq (the place I was born and left when I was 6 years old). It´s colder and greener but whenever I see the Mountains and hills, I feel at home.

First things first, It´s my first week in Sheffield and I am sitting in my own apartment reminiscing my whole life. I´m so blessed to be here at the moment. My apartment is not that big, but also better than just a small room or a shared place. My aunt hired this place for me. It´s her friend´s apartment, but she is in Turkey for work and will be back in November. My aunt asked her whether I could stay at her place form my stay abroad and arranged the apartment for me. (I´ll post some pictures below)

The apartment is settled in, Leverton Gardens Sheffield. I really like the neighborhood. The thing that I like the most is, that it´s nearby the city. Lidl for example, is 5 minutes away from here. I still have to get used to the traffic and the fact that cars drive on the left side instead of the right side. I always have to get used to this when I get here. I´ve been here before and it always takes me a week to adjust to it.

During the first week of my stay abroad I was engrossed on settling down and moving in to the apartment. I didn´t do much next to that. I did go to a small festival at Peace Gardens and reconnoitered the neighborhood. But overall that´s everything I did during my first week.

During my first week, Gay marriage got legalized and they celebrated this with a festival at Peace Gardens. I really enjoyed this festival and made new friends here as well. I have to be plain honest, I didn´t expect British people to be this enjoyable and gracious. It´s true that I have been in England before, but I would always spend time with my friends or relatives. I never had the compulsion to go out and meet new people. But during my stay abroad I want to do the total opposite. I´ve explained my friends that I won´t visit them, because I want to meet new people and get to know England as if I´ve never been here before.

Plans for next week: I am going to London next week, to visit a school and interview some teachers and students. I will visit my cousins during that time and stay in London for a week. After I have reconnoitered London and visited the school I will come back to Sheffield again.

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