How to make a dream become reality

Published: May 20th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Where to the start I suppose.

I have wanted to travel around the world for years. Literally. It's a dream and passion of mine to see cultures that shock me, sights that astound me and experience things that I have not yet before.

So I thought maybe if I write a blog about my plans (lack of!), maybe it would kick-start me into action (here's hoping!).

Why is something I am so passionate about, and really want to do, something I am still talking about?
For one I am the most unorganised person ever, so to plan something like this is a nightmare. I struggle to plan a night out...
A big dilemma is the round-the-world ticket debate versus the onward travel. I favour the latter for freedom, but money costs, and visa trouble puts me off. Any advice from those reading (that'll be no one) is welcome😊

But I think there is something else holding me back that I don't like to talk about. Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of leaving behind everything I know and am comfortable with.
If I think about it logically, I realise these are the exact same reasons I want to leave in the first place...oh the irony.

But hopefully, with my new found determination, ok that's putting it a bit strongly, I will start to put down plans soon and take the boldest step I have ever and probably ever will take.

My plan so far is to visit South America, Asia and New Zealand and Australia.

Let's see what happens.

Take care


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