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August 29th 2008
Published: September 2nd 2008
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Rough outline of the route. Note: You will have to click on the map and scroll down to see the bottom half, but any lower resolution would have been pointless.

The Route

As chaotic as my trip appears I do actually have a route planned - I just have not committed it to paper yet. A boring task, but I suppose it makes sense. Its just not interesting to write about. I will use the godawful map facility on the blog site. Given the power of google maps I would have expected better than a straight red line between points, but it will give an idea. One thing I am less clear on is timescales so maybe I'll learn something by doing this too.

The current route plan in words then is as follows (although subject to change.)
1.Ferry Newcastle to Bergen, Norway
3.Bergen Hardanger fjord and Hardangervidda plateau areas (where I am now)
4.Up by road and ferry to the Sognefjellet road (in itself a marvel) which leads up to Jotunheim massif, the highest mountains in Norway where I shall stay a day or so.
5.Ride across to Alesund.
6.Down the coast through the roads and fjords (served by ferries) back to Bergen.
7.Bergen to Stavanger - similarly along the coast.
8.Stavanger to Kristiansand
9.Ferry from Kristuansand to Hirthals, Denmark (Note: If it is still raining by then I may skip step 8 and get the ferry straight from Stavanger to Denmark.)
10.Ride to Arhuus and meet up with Jan, whom I met skiing
11.From Arhus I will be making my way across Germany to Strasbourg. This will take a couple of days.
12.Meander through the black forest to Austria and into the Tyrol region where I hope to hike for a couple of days.
13. Briefly skirt Italy before heading down the Croatian coast to Dubrovnik. I am planning on taking some R&R here for a few days.
14.Ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy
15.Ride across the heel and toe of Italy to reach Sicily where I plan to spend a few days - Etna and the like.
16.Ferry to Tunis.
17.I will probably stay 1-2 weeks in Tunisia - in particular riding the old pipeline road into the Sahara.
18.Back up to Tunis to get a ferry to Marseille.
19.Ride through France home (I may pop in and see some people in Chamonix en-route.)

You will note that there is only reasonable detail for Norway itself. Well noted...


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