In the Enclosure and Out to Dinner

Published: July 2nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

M.I.T. won their race! They'll be racing again in the semi-finals tomorrow so everyone wish them luck. We went to dinner with the team tonight and they were all very excited. Most of the rowers they brought here are seniors so this is really a big deal for them.

Here are some more photos of the regatta off of dad's camera. There are also lots of photos from our dinner with the team. We're having a really nice time but it is unbelievably HOT. Dinner was especially uncomfortable and we were all fanning ourselves throughout. I feel really bad for all the men who have to wear ties and sport coats. Men must wear a sport coat to enter the enclosure but they have been allowed to remove them at around two every day due to the heat. We're hoping for it to finally rain and cool off tonight.

Enjoy the pictures and look forward to more tomorrow!

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3rd July 2009

Cheerio M.High Tea!
We are jazzed about the success of the team and hope that tomorrow brings even more victories. Hey, Jen! Did you decide on a hat? John, you are a powerhouse and your team is so lucky to have you. Allie, thanks for the blog! It has been a source of great joy for us. Allen, has everything been moving along alright for you? All of you look really handsome in your glad rags. Nana loves you all and sends her regards. Hope the weather cools down for you tomorrow.
3rd July 2009

Hot Pink Pants
They stopped women with short skirts from going in, but they let a man with hot pink pants in? Go figure.. What no pictures of Jen in her hat?

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