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August 15th 2010
Published: August 21st 2010
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Only a brief interrogation by the customs officer, putting down 60 day visit and local contact as NZ Embassy, London are not recommended. Not having an onward flight doesn't help, but I think he must of had a few Kiwi's who didn't really know what the're were up to over his time as an officer. He let me carry on through with a feeble excuse that I was going to catch the 'tunnel train' to france and fly home from there...

Everything in England is so green, it looks really nice after the dirt of Africa and Sands of the Middle East. The trains and buses are really reliable, smooth and fast, but everything to do with travel is far more expensive, also takeaways and other necessities. Beer is reasonable tho, but everyone starts at the pubs/cricket clubs and these aren't.

Had to get to Carl Carmody's village of Edwinstowe, he lives with a guy Dougie who cooks real good feeds, chicken boiled in gravy his specialty. Robin-hood fanatics will know Edwinstowe is the village that is next to Sherwood forest, apart from this, there is not a lot there apart from green grass and a couple of cricket pitches. 4 hours after touching down in London I was at the Sherwood Coliery CC watching Carl and his team collapse to defeat.... Next week maybe, Carl didn't look too bad, made start and played ball on (unlucky).

During the week Carmo had work so it was my chance to have a look around, mainly the Robinhood festival that was on for the week. I got to see a Birds of Prey show including Falcon, Vulture and Owl, not as good as Sydney Zoo, but was definitely worth a look. Also there was some jousting and battle scenes and Major Oak; the huge Oak at the heart of the forest. The people dressed in medievil costumes looked pretty comical but gave you an insight to the times. I thought I was dreaming when someone said any guys from gisborne? Turns out Guy of Gisborne is one of Robinhoods enemies...

Andy's was next in Huddersfield. At his place there is a huge tropical fish tank, a chameleon and 2 snakes that sleep in his room. there were some hunting birds but they are at another house now. Get to see the various animals being fed, best is the female snake which strikes the rats it is fed. We go into Manchester for a look a Old Trafford, cricket and footy grounds, as well as some of the massive malls and interesting building around the city. Then we try a few of the local drops for the train ride home. Manchester is a buzzing city and nice a good place to visit. Andy's team also has a batting collapse after Andy gets a start too. pity it is rained off the next week.

Sunday the 8th I headed back to Carls and end up getting a game for his club, we scored 426 runs, Carl got 222, 9 6's and 20 odd 4's. we got them all out for 140, (3 wickets to my bowling) so the team was pretty stoked after that, the team they beat was top of the table.

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21st August 2010

Your blog
We're really enjoying your blog and the photos. Keep up the good work.

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