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September 19th 2018
Published: September 19th 2018
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Catholic cathedral
British television deserves some “ink.” Yes, we get wonderful British programs in America, but believe me, there is some puerile stuff on the airwaves here, just as at home.

One frustration is that many channels seem to carry a mix of shows, as opposed to having a “brand” (sit-coms, sports, news, food, etc.) So, a channel showing the news or a (stale American) movie can then proceed to host an hour of teleshopping, followed by a cooking/quiz/real estate show, then Brooklyn 99 (or King of Queens). Also, the same series (but not the same episode) can be airing on several different channels simultaneously.

Add to all this the fact that one can’t see a menu or guide for more than an hour or two ahead, AND that often a show starts when the commericials are done (such as at 8, 22, or 37 minutes past the hour), finding something to watch in the evening is a crap shoot.

Particularly striking are the inordinate number of paranormal programs sprinkled through the schedule. So - if I’m not quick enough with the remote - I can go straight from the weather forecast into ”Britain’s Haunted Plumbing,” or “Aliens in My
Plantation Gardens NorwichPlantation Gardens NorwichPlantation Gardens Norwich

Notice mature PALM tree,
Garden.“ I try diligently to avoid such fare, because it usually simmers in my subconscious then re-emerges as a shrieking nightmare.

I thought I was pretty safe last night watching a BBC history show, entitled “A Very British Murder,” ostensibly about the creation and use of detectives in both English society and literature. It was a “posh production,” narrated by known actors like Simon Callow, so I was OK even with the requisite Jeckyl/Hyde and Jack the Ripper coverage. After the show ended, I read a few New Yorker articles, then went to bed. (You sense where this is going, right?)

Now, this is a VERY quiet house. Barring the cat’s snoring and occasional headlights of a passing car, my bedroom is (very) dark and quiet. And then it happened. Just as I was drifting off, the headboard began to creak and thrum. I went instantly from cushy somnolence to hyper-alert, scanning the room around me, trying to pierce the dark.


OK, well maybe it was just the mattress or pillows settling. I turned over and readjusted for sleep. After, all, if there were a presence in this cottage, why would it take three weeks
Norwich Plantation Gardens Norwich Plantation Gardens Norwich Plantation Gardens

The gardens were on three (steep) levels.
to manifest? Right?

Headlights flashed like lightning at a high school production of “The Tempest,” but eventually my heart rate subsided and I dozed.

Tap...tap...creak. Whap!

I opened my eyes so fast and wide, I think I sprained my eyeballs. On went the bedside lamp, and....

Nothing. The cat‘s snoring, regular, undisturbed, sawed under the door. Abandoning thoughts of sleep, I rearranged the pillows to read.

And, after a few minutes, a huge (HUGE) moth crawled up the bedpost and hopped onto the lamp. Whap.

No, I didn’t kill it; I just opened the window. But since I have no photographs to support my narrative, you’ll have to make do with some random local fare...


Additional photos below
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Norwich Plantation Gardens Norwich Plantation Gardens
Norwich Plantation Gardens

Victorian fountain
Norwich Plantation Gardens Norwich Plantation Gardens
Norwich Plantation Gardens

Atlas Obscura says these Gardens were formed from a quarry (a mini Buchart!)
Dereham market dayDereham market day
Dereham market day

Notice the dates (from 654 AD!)
Burnham Market (my favorite coastal town)Burnham Market (my favorite coastal town)
Burnham Market (my favorite coastal town)

Just because the village is small and buildings old, don’t assume this is a backwater...
Burnham Market (my favorite coastal town)Burnham Market (my favorite coastal town)
Burnham Market (my favorite coastal town)

The shops are full of trendy, spendy stuff (and my reflection!)

Despite its name, the sea has retreated from the town’s sea wall.
Salthouse sceneSalthouse scene
Salthouse scene

He spots something

Everyone ELSE is getting fed...

Ruins by the North Sea

High street ends at the quay.

Avocado toast with pomegranate and bacon (ham). Ginger rhubarb tea.

A new scarf at last!

The North Sea can be rough on the waterfront houses.

19th September 2018

Night terrors!
So sorry to have such a hearty laugh at your expense! I’ve known you for sooo long and have witnessed a few episodes similar to this Mothra event.At least the creek wasn’t rising!! Stay safe?
20th September 2018

Ha ha
Yes, you’ve seen me through some doozies. I must add that no chemistry was involved this time... except adrenaline! ?
19th September 2018

So did the mammoth moth create your late night noises? Don’t leave your fans wondering!! Love the local towns and your shopping experiences. Your new scarf is tres chic❤️ Are you close to having your friend join you for more adventures? Have fun...and try a cooking show instead of the scary stuff ?
20th September 2018

Yes, indeed, the moth was my midnight monster. Amazing how much noise he made each time I turned off the light.... but once I cracked the window, he followed the night air out of the room... Are you packed yet? So sorry we’ll miss each other by just hours in Paris - but enjoy, almost-birthday girl!

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