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September 2nd 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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Starting in September 2010, going who knows where, who knows when (wasn't that a song?)

To start this blogging lark off, I will answer some of the questions that I have frequently been asked about my travel plans.

Why am I doing this?
Several reasons:
1) I need a break. A long break. 11 and a half years with the company, moving house and changing my job every couple of years, has taken its toll. I'm tired!

2) I've always wanted to travel, but never had the opportunity. Everything has fallen into place at the right time. People who have been travelling before me (Richard and Becci in particular) have really inspired me as to what is out there in the big wide world. Instead of dreaming about travelling and envying those who have done it, it's time for me to experience it for myself.

3) Because I said I would. You know how ideas sometimes snowball from nothing? This one definitely has, although I'm glad it did - see reasons 1 and 2!

Maybe I'll go into more depth about some of these reasons in a future blog. The time away (assuming it's not just one big party) will give me an opportunity to think things through properly.

And I almost forgot the most important reason:
4) The Elephant & Wheelbarrow pub, St. Kilda, Melbourne. The Neighbours quiz night!! I will be gutted if Toadie and Dr. Karl aren't there!

Where am I going?
The plan (at the moment, subject to change, etc.) is to spend a month in Thailand, a month in Malaysia/Singapore, 3 months in Oz, 2 in New Zealand and 3 in South America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil).

I have a vague idea of a route to take within each region, but everything is flexible.

Who am I going with?
No-one! The plan is to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of like-minded travellers while I'm away. Hopefully some of these people will be heading the same general direction as me for a few days along the way. If I don't meet anyone, it will be a long 10 months...

Yes, the lack of planning, equipment, languages, money and travel companion is rather scary, but I'll deal with it.

There is a subscribe option, if you want to get each blog hot off the virtual press, or you can just check back on this site. I'll make a vague semi-commitment to write a new blog every week or two.

Disclaimer (it's like being at work again)
All opinions will be my own, at the time I write them. This may be when I'm happy, sad, tired, confused, ill, drunk, hungover, or all of the above. I will do my best not to offend anyone, but can't promise anything!

Please feel free to add your comments below any blog entry. Keep me in touch with what's happening back in sunny England (not Tranmere's results - they won't be good). Do bear in mind that the whole world can view what you write (probably before I get to see it myself!), so please say nice things.


7th September 2010

have you got everything?!
You've said your piece, now leave! Oh yeah, and have fun! x P.S. The Rovers will surely be going up this season and you'll miss out! Ha!
7th September 2010

Burmese rebels..
I've just let them know your coming.
7th September 2010

Sounds Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Look Brooke and i up when in sydney, it will be warm, sunny drinkning weather, cold beers in the sun, burgers and chips on the beach! Travel safe, enjoy and have a wonderful time meeting new people.
9th September 2010

your details
I've passed your photo onto the Thai red tops, the Burmese rebels, the Khmer rouge, the Bengal tiger rebels, and Ned Kelly. Let me know when (or if) you get to south america and i'll update those lot too. Cheers
13th September 2010

I understand you may now be considering the next series of Lost........did you wake up on a beach with and engine or the cockpit next to you???? Hope all well son

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