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April 7th 2012
Published: April 7th 2012
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Abu Dhabi AirportAbu Dhabi AirportAbu Dhabi Airport

Enjoying a much-needed coffee!
We flew out of Brisbane on Thursday 5thApril, with the first stop being Singapore. We were only off the plane long enough to go out of the arrivals gate, down the hall and back through security (where Deb had the pleasure of a pat-down – clearly she looked like a terrorist) to get back on the plane bound for Abu Dhabi. Touched down in Abu Dhabi, and had enough time for a coffee, a rest, and a chat to some fellow travellers before boarding for London. The brief stop in Abu Dhabi was interesting – the terminal is unbelievable, and the sheiks with their bodyguards and the groups of Polici trotting around with their semi-automatics reminded us that we were far from home LOL We behaved ourselves in Abu Dhabi 😊

The last leg to London was uneventful, we just tried to get some sleep. If anyone is wondering who to fly with, we can recommend Etihad – the service was great, the food was fantastic (airline food, we couldn't believe it either) and the flights were smooth and on-time. Big tick!

Apparently the time to get through Heathrow Customs was some sort of record, and everyone that we
Southampton WallsSouthampton WallsSouthampton Walls

Yes. It was cold LOL
have dealt with have been helpful and friendly. We ended up hiring a car and driver to take us to Southampton – this was the cheapest option and also the most stress-free. Door to door service!!

Saturday 7th April – we spent the morning walking the Southampton historic sites … there are SO MANY! It was fantastic. Tudor House was amazing, and the town walls are dated back to the Normans (and earlier in the case of one church). Markets were on in the high street, so we had a snout round them before ensconcing ourselves in the “Duke of Wellington” pub, for a good English lunch of pie, chips, peas and gravy – all washed down with a pint or two of their best.

That's the latest gang, we're off to another bar for a pint or two of Guinness, with the good chance of a big sleep after that. Lovin' holidays!!

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Damian Damian

Taking a break :)
The French TaunterThe French Taunter
The French Taunter

Don - The French Taunter
Titanic PubTitanic Pub
Titanic Pub

Look what we found!!
Tudor HouseTudor House
Tudor House

Tudor House - a Museum of Tudor living, in a genuine Tudor House - fascinating!!
Duke of WellingtonDuke of Wellington
Duke of Wellington

Good grub, good beer ... We're in love with England already!
Wedding Cars in EnglandWedding Cars in England
Wedding Cars in England

Anyway, in England ...

10th April 2012

Feel like I am part of your big holiday reading this blog Deb! Fantastic! Could not believe it last night watching the 7 news when I seen you, Don and Damo on the Telly boarding the big arse ship! I got so excited!! so glad ur having a wonderful time xx
12th April 2012

Ha haa!!
Hey Ms Lisa! Wow, can't believe it made the news back home ... it is a big thing over here - especially Cobh. Couldn't believe the brass band and hoards of people ... !!!
10th April 2012

Deep Green With Envy!!!
Looks like you guys have settled in well. Keep smiling and drinking all the way home. Everyone expects exactly that from a carefree crew of cavorting Aussies! Anyway, visiting pubs everywhere you go is a much better way to leave a memorable trail than dropping popcorn so you don't get lost! hehehe When do you think I should take the car for a drive Damo? Don't know how long you normally go between drives. BTW, what's your Mum's name Deb? Don't want to rock up and say, "Hi, I'm Steve... and you are...? ;-))
12th April 2012

Hey There!!
Hey mate - all's good and thanks heaps for taking the Zed-car for a blat to keep the thing going. Mum's name is Pam Laycock - and we'll let her know that you might be popping out to take the car for a phang ... otherwise she might be a bit dodgy about letting some stranger steal the car for a bit LOL Hope all is well at home xo
10th April 2012

Enjoy :)
Hey 2 D's, Looks like you're enjoying yourselves; steeping yourselves in the local culture! You know, there are several Transition Towns (communities that are transitioning from oil dependance to self reliance) in England: Totnes (the home of Transition Towns), Lancaster, Tooting, Bristol, Portobello to name a few. I don't know the goegraphy of these places but they often have different festivals happening. Google them. Love and Light, Celeste
10th April 2012

Loving the update!
Debskies... I feel it only appropriate to say..."You are looking fantastic!" You're bringing "HOT to Trot" to Chilly England! Wonny Dots.. The French Taunter? .. I read the French Tickler haha then realised my error ;) hehe!
10th April 2012

Abu Dhabi
Coffee I bet - no beer LOL PS - the trip made it on the nightly news back here
15th April 2012

Hi Steve, It's a pannicked Pam Laycock calling...
What a crack up... While we were out walking the pooches this morning, your Mum called and left a message. She was all spun out and pannicked. THE COMPUTER WOULDN'T TURN ON!!! Apparently one of the Foale clan came to rescue before I could get back to her so all's well and happy at Edendale once again... hehehe!!! Travel well D's
16th April 2012

Thanks for helping Mum :)
Thanks so much for helping Mum :) Bless her cotton socks!! We're having a great time - looking forward to getting off this boat though ... :o)

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