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April 24th 2008
Published: April 24th 2008
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Ok, having read a few blogs since registering in the 'wee small hours of the morning' I am afraid I have nothing exciting to say. Not really a good start to things, but also the fact that it is 1am and I'm sat at work on my break is also not inspiring to many travellers.

So why am I writing a travel blog now is a question I'm sure some will ask (if anyone reads this entry at all)? As all of you who are already travelling will have experienced, the build up to the trip is scary and exciting and hard work, so while I am at work, on my very long and drawn out night shift earning all those much needed extra pennies before my trip begins, researching the best places to visit in Russia, I was inspired to start looking at travel blogs - for hints and tips and just for fun. Also to just get one started for myself while I remember - I have so many things going on in my head that sometimes remembering my own name seems difficult, let alone trying to learn 'please', 'thankyou', 'I don't understand' and 'where is the bathroom? it is rather urgent' in 4 different languages!

I also thought it would be a good idea to put down a rough itinary for friends and family, so they can start with an idea of where and when I am going to be in certain areas - having said that, I have just realised that at 1 in the morning and at work, I don't actually have that information with me, so a list of places is going to have to do for now. It also saves on repeating myself over and over, a fact that I don't mind, because I can't get enough of talking about where I am going, but I have started getting the feeling that some of my family members are getting a little bored and don't want to hear me becoming like a parrot for the next 8 weeks before they finally kick me onto the plane and heave a sigh of relief that I have moved out of their house for the 3rd time and they will get a bit of peace and quiet for a year!

So here goes; I fly to St Petersburg on june 22nd and trans-Mongolian railway to Beijing for 3 weeks. Where I pick up a trip heading down through China to Hong Kong. I'll be staying with Jo for 5 weeks - can't wait to see her - thanks for having me hun! Then flying over to Cairns, Oz. I'll be travelling down the East coast (probably heading central at some point) for 8 weeks before flying to Fiji to have a little bit of relaxation on the beach for 10 days - hopefully by this time I will be looking sensational in my bikini - bit terrifying as I haven't worn a bikini since I can't remember when, but I reckon if your going that far, you have to put your fears behind you and just do it! From there I head to Auckland, NZ to say Hi to Aunty Lorraine and Uncle Steve - again thankyou for having me. Nice long time here, working for 3 months hopefully and then about 6 weeks travelling and doing amazing things. Then for the final leg - South America, taking in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil - any tips of where to go/stay and what to do greatly recieved. Then back to good ole GB where Mum and Dad will be waiting to let me re-invade their home again.

Every now and again it hits me how big this trip is, and having never done anything like it before, it all seems a bit daunting. I can't wait though, am so excitied and would love to hear from anyone who has been or is going to anywhere I am.

L. x


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