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May 13th 2010
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So life has already swung into some kind of normalism, which in a way freaks me out, as it wasn't the entire reason i came over here!! but the light at the end of the tunnel is an awesome summer break with lou, ebs coming over for a bit and spending more time with ben and tiss (all in holiday mode - fun!!)
i can't believe i have been here for over a month already, the time has flown and i still have to pinch myself how lucky i am.. now that money is starting to come in weekly (and a bloody decent amount a week i might add!) the change into full on working life is worth it 😊
my school is fabulous, but aspects of it are full on... today was a big one, my teaching assistant who works full time with my autistic boy, was sick, and he went a little full blown hard to handle in the afternoon, but i am keeping my cool, and he's such an adorable, loving little fella that it's quite easy in ways.. he's so cute, he tells everyone he loves them haha and you know you've won him over when he tells you he's going to bring something tomorrow for your birthday.. haha when he cracks a wobbly tho his little lip juts out and he wails 'i'm sorry miss i'm sorryyyyyyyyyyy' it's so cute... now... haha
my class is huge and i have some very very dominant little 6 year old characters but for the most part, we're having fun! the staff are so helpful and my key stage 1 manager is really supportive, my TAs (teaching assistants) are worth their weight in gold and i am really so so lucky!
the school is in a nice little area, i just wikipedia'd it out of interest, and here's a couple of facts for you hehe brockley is the home of the band athlete, the singer kate bush, gabrielle (who sang 'dreams' in 1993) and the original writer of king kong.. win!
while i'm at random facts, where i'm living in woolwich had the first macdonalds in the uk...
i'm not loving woolwich as a town, but am really enjoying my housemates, we've got a good little routine going and erica and i go to the movies each wednesday for 2 for 1 tix, it's nice to make new friends! i'm also hanging out heaps with some mates from geelong, going shopping with rach again tomorrow, and catching up with ann (from uni) again on saturday - if the weather is the promised 18 and sunny, it'll be a cider picnic in the park!! love it :D
i love british tv and although i am sick to death of food shows as a whole, have become obsessed with 'heston's feasts' (he creates these amazing feasts for D grade celebs, based around a theme each ep - willy wonka, titanic, the 80s, fairy tales... if it ever gets onto OZ tv if it hasn't already, get onto it! v cool)
it's a very interesting time to be here with the recent election and the newly named PM as of yesterday... what happens from here will be worth the watch i think - it's very full on!
well, time to get some dinner into me, sorry for the lack of pics today, i haven't really taken much the last couple of weeks, haven't really been to anything...
OH OH forgot to say, went to a real food festival in earls court last sunday, was so much fun, got to taste some delicious grub, including buffalo milk and icecream?? was kinda cool! i got some lovely gourmet spreads and chutneys, couldn;t help myself! was such a good day out.
hope all is well and that you're not bored if you've managed to read down to here!!!
big big love to all xoxoxoox


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