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January 10th 2008
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So, I am relieved to be back at Christians house after a very long day. To sum my day up: freezing rain as walked out of house and door locked behind me, caught bus that proceeded to WRECK (how does that even happen), tube broken, lost in dark in rain, and told off by a bus driver for no reason, missed stop to house, walked 2 miles in dark cold rain. Very very long day, needless to say! Now I am in a warm house, red wine, Christian is cooking something delicious, and Im reading my book.. much better than the rest. The only positives of today were that I got to see the Westminister Abbey (frm inside this time) and the Tate Modern Museum. Very beautiful and funky stuff! I have pictures but cannot put them up.. unfortunately because my laptop is not cooporating. I will be in touch! x


10th January 2008

Hang In There "Miss Adventure"
(pun intended!) Hey, remember when we talked about how the peaks aren't worth a damn if not for the valleys? How does the valley look today B? Ha...I know you are having a blast and I am JEALOUS! Talked to Venetia today...CALL HER! If you need the number message me. Keep on keeping on and keep us all posted...Love you...G
10th January 2008

of course this day would happen to you. soooo jealous you got to go to the Tate. love you and miss you lots!!!!!

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