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September 17th 2017
Published: September 19th 2017
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The RHS VanThe RHS VanThe RHS Van

... lots of plants were available for purchase
...no I did not catch fleas. But early Sunday morning I treked via tube to the Flat Iron Square where every weekend a FleaMarket is set up. This weekend the Royal Horticultural Society also set up a display of workshops and plants. This happens regularly with various other community events all over the city. The RHS even has its own little legoed van.

...spoke to some very nice ladies, received a free gardening magazine and a little key chain thing consisting of two tiny green rubber boots.

While wandering around spoke to a man selling tiny bee/bug houses the size of a hard cover book with a smallish roof for 30GBP. Awoman from Amsterdam, who has a lab/business making and selling gardens in a bottle, was heard describing her craft. I have her card. I have a big bottle ... the bottom has broken out but since I was witness yesterday at the V&A as to how to mend ceramics I am ready to take on this beautifully huge bottle and set it up to be a garden. Once you put the cork in the top the "garden becomes self sufficient. This is my kind of plant collection....it take
 The Shard as seen  from The Tate Modern The Shard as seen  from The Tate Modern The Shard as seen from The Tate Modern

On the tenth floor of the Tate Modern there is a total walk about outside, the view is spectacular and its FREE.
care of itself!

"A Terrarium, Bottle Garden, or Wardian Case are all essentially the same thing in that each contains and supports a miniature ecosystem of plants. Historically they were used to transport plants from their native countries to other countries where ordinarily they would not be able to survive in the new conditions"... from wiki

The rest of the flea market was a collection of the usual suspects ... bags, clothes, soaps, some cups and teapots, and whatever else there was did not make an impression. One place sold old books and map prints.

From this position it was an easy walk to Tate Modern which has been set up in an old industrial site ...."Tate Modern is housed in the former Bankside Power Station, which was originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect of Battersea Power Station" .... from wiki. On the tenth floor of this magnificent adaptation of an industrial brick and mortar edifice ones walks around the open air toatl surround at all times being able to look into very expensive looking apartments or condos. Contemporary Art not being my favourite I remember little. I did recognize David Hockney in a
Bengaluru Artist ...  Bengaluru Artist ...  Bengaluru Artist ...

For Behold 2009 Sheela Gowda was inspired by the humble talismans of human hair that are knotted around car bumpers to ward off bad luck. The hair comes from local temples, where it is cut off as a sacrificial offering when pilgrims fulfil sacred vows. In today’s consumer driven world, the longer lengths are sold to make wigs or supply keratin for beauty products, while the shorter sections are kept to make protective talismans, such as those used by motorists.
Peter Blake and loved the L.S.Lowry that was found. OK....enough name dropping! The Ai Wei Wei film of him in his Beijing Studio and his visit into the Coachangdi neighbourhood was a pleasant surprise. The sculpture by Sheela Gowan was breathtaking especially when one thinks of the human hair that has been made into four kilometers of rope. Having walked across the millenium bridge right to the steps of St. Paul's, a quick turn to the left leads to the tube needed to get to Tate Britain.

At Tate Britain an entry fee had to be paid to view the exhibit Queer British Art.


No pics were allowed but a wonderfully long list of people and events has been made in the hope of googling to find, a) the pics or b) read up and become more aware. The Tates are so well thought of ...so visited... so stocked with treasures that it is a must to do a visit. Becuase both are big it is almost impossible to do justice to each on in one day. On a short visit one does ones best.

Am now sad to realize that Awakening Conscience is at
A Desert Town?A Desert Town?A Desert Town?

...no... a sculpture made totally from couscous
the Tate Britain. Read about it at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Awakening_Conscience ...truly interesting.

As per usual time evaporated and it was time to return to Wilson House. Getting back to the residence always takes at least 3/4 of an hour. Once out of the tube food has to be found, heated, eaten and suddenly 21.15 appears on the clock face and the shower and hand washing have not even been begun.

For this evening's meal a Halal East-Asian meal was bought and thoroughly enjoyed... all that spinich....alll that lamb....alll that saffron rice ... alll that hot spice....yummyummyumm ....sorry forgot to take a pic ...am planning to eat there again, especially on my last day in London .... which will be laundry night.... cannot believe I have worn the same pants six times OMG ... still, do not smell like some of the people encountered in the tube. The undies are always fresh ... and what did I read when at V&A ... a woman's cotton chemise was an undergarment that was the only part of the wardrobe that was washed regularly and more often.

Squeeky clean now and off to sleep.

Additional photos below
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St. Paul'sSt. Paul's
St. Paul's

...across the bridge.... entry is requested at the ...its more than a cathedral,No? ... did not go in ... tooo many tourists all around anyway
Unbought BookUnbought Book
Unbought Book

..but oh how I wanted it. Cats are in the poses of famous paintings ...this one is called the Awakening of Conscience by William Holman Hunt.
Jacob and the AngelJacob and the Angel
Jacob and the Angel

...where did the artist find such a huge piece of alabaster???
Views of BricksViews of Bricks
Views of Bricks

...seen on the way to Tate Britain

20th September 2017

Hope you arrange a special visit and treat yourself to a great meal! HAPPY BDAY! Lots of love! Wonderdul that you had a "grTate" day!
20th September 2017

went to the the British Library. When they created this space it took the four years to move the books fromthe old library that used to be at the british museum. Have done laundry and packed ... ate the food out of the fridge shelf that was mine and am now in bed. Went on a back stage tour of the National Theatre ... that's the place from which I watch productions live on the screen in Sudbury ... it was exciting to be in the actual edifice! and the tour was good. Thank you for your good wishes... THink of you and Nick Always!!!OXOXOX to both of you.
20th September 2017
The RHS Van

The hair was gross😵 Are the clotheslines communal in a lane way? Food sounds very yummy Beautiful alabaster. Wow. So I've bought s new ball of wool yesterday and Kauren gave me a hat pattern. Almost done my sweater so will start hat soon. Lauren says to say HELLO enjoying your blog as per ushe. Sherry
20th September 2017
Sheep....Sheep.... sleep

Hi Barbara, thank you for your very interesting blog. The pictures are lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Best wishes. Barb E.

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