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June 28th 2005
Published: June 28th 2005
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As I drove away from the rockies for the last time I realized how much I loved and was going to miss living there... the nearly 5months had gone by way too fast and I can definately see myself going back there sooner or later. Since I got back from CR I spent my last week chilling out with Kim in Calgary, and also got a couple of days in the Bow Valley to party up with what was left of the crew, and do some white-water rafting which was awesome!

Then after a sad old goodbye with Kim at the airport,(miss you Kimmy) I turned up at Paul Harts flat in London and since then have had a huge week involving catching up with too many people to name which has been fantastic, seeing the boys band play a gig in Leciester Square, checking out big towers and bridges and palaces and buses, eatng crap food and drinking fosters beer(the cheapist), watching the AB's spoil the Lions hopes and dreams(highlight for sure) and a massive night out with everyone on Saturday which was really fun... all and all it's great to be over here where people drive on the
a green Calgarya green Calgarya green Calgary

this is where Kim lives, it´s a big city about an hour away from the rockies and it amazed me how much it had changed over the last couple of months... when I arrived in Canada it was whites and browns with no leaves on the trees and now look at it!
normal side of the road and understand me properly without making fun of my accent. I don't have all my photos with me yet though so there will be a few more of the crew at the start of my next blog in Spain... we're off to stay the night at the plane station tonight because we fly out to Spain at some un-Godly hour of the morning tomorrow!!! can't wait to try out my spanish over there, and very excited about travelling with some of the crew from home... see you soon!

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Paul and JakePaul and Jake
Paul and Jake

the crazy auzzies
State of Origin 2 gameState of Origin 2 game
State of Origin 2 game

great game but unfortunatly the blues came out on top this week... see you in the final boys!!!
our crew for raftingour crew for rafting
our crew for rafting

it had rain heaps over night and our guide said it was the biggest he´d ever done the river in the 3years of working there so we were stoaked! no-one fell out accept for Jake even though he claims it doesn´t count because I pushed him... whatever Jake!
poached photopoached photo
poached photo

we decided the $15 they wanted for this photo was too much so I just took a quick snap of it with my camera before we left.
Just another bearJust another bear
Just another bear

good spotting bearhunter 2!!
Bearhunters on locationBearhunters on location
Bearhunters on location

a poor woman out in Canmore had been pulled out of a tree she'd climbed and mauled by a Grizzly bear a couple of weeks ago but that still wasn't enough to put off a bunch of stupid Aussies and a Kiwi from getting just that little bit closer... idiots!

28th June 2005

que haces loco
guauuuuu russ mi hermano, me alegro que estes bien.. england is cool my dad was there for 1 year in 80`s.. un abrazo .. loco y cuidate mucho.. y ostias, joer en españa chau
2nd July 2005

Howzit Russ , just checked out your photo's > good stuff! How far did you go down the Bow in Calgary? Was there last year , went for a cruise on it , just thru town to the zoo (in two $20 Walmart specials which we tied together) ended up having to save a backpack for a couple who tipped their canoe. Funny story = people were saying "hey your backpack!" and pointing i thought they were having a laugh , as kids do. Then this cyclist says hes been following it down and asked us to grab it , we eventually manuvered the two infatables over and ferried the bag to shore , he said we saved the day , it was nothing anyone else would have done in the same situation. Take it easy , Jp :-)

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