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July 18th 2012
Published: July 18th 2012
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Now that I've been in London for approximately six weeks, I thought I'd talk about how comfortable I feel here. While I was riding the tube to work today I had a chance to think about my time here. Although time is flying by, every minute I am learning and becoming more of a true "Londoner."

When I see people at King's Cross with luggage I automatically think back to when that was me: confused and freaked out. Now I walk to King's Cross and know exactly where I am going. I've gotten into a rountine everyday as if this is my permanent residence. People here mind to themselves and tune out the world with their iPods, so naturally that's what I've done.

I've also discovered that it's very easy to navigate this city. The tube is daunting at first with all of the different lines and routes, but I feel 110% comfortable when traveling alone. I can venture off to wherever and still find my way home just fine. People even ask me for directions and I can help them!

Going to Paris also made me feel more like a local. So many people travel to different countries on the weekends, which is exactly what I have done. These side trips give me the confidence to be more independent. If I had to travel to other countries on my own via a train or plane, I could. Yay adulthood!

On a side note I have purchased my 'Dark Knight Rises' ticket for Friday afternoon! I am going to the same theatre I went to for 'Magic Mike.' They serve toffee/chocolate popcorn in real bowls, have huge chairs, and delicious desserts. We have also picked which seats we want to sit in in advance.

The rest of the weekend will be filled with the London Dungeon, afternoon tea, and cable cars. Despite the amount of stuff I've done, there is always something to do here. It's a dream come true.


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