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July 10th 2012
Published: July 10th 2012
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So this post is going to be a very random collection of thoughts mainly because I want to have 20 posts! Here are some random thoughts, updates, and feelings:

Sunday I actually slept in. Yes, slept until 10 AM. Sleep is marvelous when you don't get any for days! Since it was raining I thought it would be a good idea to finally hit the gym and burn off all those pesky pounds. I managed to do an hour on the elliptical. Yay, hooray! Now if only I could keep that up every day...

Following my very exciting workout session, Stav and I decided to go to Baker Street, which is famous for Sherlock Holmes (a museum, store, hotel, etc.) and shop. Instead of expanding our horizons with Sherlock Holmes, we went into a Beatles store and fantasized about buying everything. I kept my purchases to a measly 15 quid. My dad will be the recipient.

The next part of the day is one for the books. I finally checked something off my bucket list: seeing a celebrity! Who, you ask? Oh just someone called Rachel McAdams, star of Mean Girls, The Notebook, Red Eye, and a slew of others. We saw her when we went to Abbey Road to take some cliched tourist-y pictures. A congregation of people began to form and we realized they were staring at her filming an upcoming movie, About Time. However, we didn't actually realize it was her until later that evening when we researched the film (in the film she is preganant, so she did not look like herself on set). But seriously, how cool is that? Mission accomplished.

Oxford Circus, where we headed after Abbey Road, was not quite as exciting. IT IS A CIRCUS OF PEOPLE. We went to Niketown, which was cool and stumbled over slow walkers. That's about all I have to say about that.

Now I'm currently in my fifth week of work at Irresistible Films and loving every minute of it. My time is filled by writing blogs posts for the company, updating the social platforms, and making a lot of tea. Today I messed up a tea order and had to make it three times...boy did I feel like an idiot. I told my coworker, "I swear I'm smarter than this." He laughed and asked for coffee the rest of the day...I
Filming at Abbey RoadFilming at Abbey RoadFilming at Abbey Road

If you look closely you can see Rachel McAdams in a large sweater on the left!
wonder why? 😉

Overall, I am having the time of my life. Every day brings something new. Yesterday I dined at a French restaurant with Stav and two other friends, Madison and Alissa. It was a super chill night. Tonight is also a super chill night as I've been in my pajamas for half an hour already and it's only 8 PM. What a party animal I am.

Thank you for reading my blog! I look forward to sharing my stories with all of my readers. Stay tuned as I'll have lots to talk about after the weekend!


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