Shin Kicking and Ginacide!

Published: June 3rd 2009
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Preparing for the hike up the HillPreparing for the hike up the HillPreparing for the hike up the Hill

Chips and Cider - perfect prep for Dover's

...The Journey Begins

So finally the day has arrived! I am flying out this evening from Birmingham airport and am extremely excited! Its been a long time coming but the last few weeks seem to have galloped by at a rather frightening pace and the date that I have been quoting to all has finally arrived! The British summertime has begun with a vengence (gutted as I was quite looking forward to leaving dreary grey grisley weather behind and stepping off the plane to clear blue skies and sunshine - however as it is clear blue skies and sunshine here really hoping that I don’t get it the other way round and step into a monsoon in Bangkok!!). I have already got sunburnt (cider and bright sunshine make Laura a silly girl…. Must remember suncream in Thailand!!!) - but hey that’s the base tan sorted then ey?!

Thought I’d experiment to see if I can conquer the technology involved with Travelblog by leaving my first blog in the privacy of my own study (rather than in a buzzing internet café somewhere in Thailand… my usual trick of wanting to smash the computer when things don’t work for me may

Prepare for Pain!Prepare for Pain!Prepare for Pain!

Cellotape and Straw is all that stands between this man and alot of pain!
not go down too well!).

And so….. to record the craziness that is the Dovers Games (and the night of Ginacide that followed!!)…

Each year, on the traditional date of Friday after Spring Bank Holiday, Dover’s Hill above Chipping Campden in the delightfully green cotswolds echoes with the shouts and cheers (read wincing and screaming!!) of competitors and spectators as Robert Dover’s Cotswold ‘Olimpick’ Games (not Olympic Games) are celebrated. It has become a wee bit of a tradition for the flock to return from various parts of the country (mainly london!) and congregate in Chipping Campden (cheers to Scotts sister for the loan of her house yet again!!) and watch the most bizarre spectacle of manliness in the form of Shin Kicking (I kid you not!!) and Tug-o-war (next year guys we’re definitely entering!), followed by a torchlit procession down the hill and (after lots more cider) drunken dancing in the square!

The next day, having spent time recovering from the night before we congregated again at the cottage to BBQ and drink some more ... Ginacide was concocted (as a result of running out of mixer for the Gin - love my friends - the

crazy cotswold games!
obvious solution was to mix the Gin with Cider and thus Ginacide was born... and made them all very very happy!).

Going to miss you guys tons but can't wait to start the adventure and make you all jealous!!

Additional photos below
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the Torchlit procession commences!
Torchlit processionTorchlit procession
Torchlit procession

on the way back down the hill to Campden following the marching band
Dom Charring MeatDom Charring Meat
Dom Charring Meat

BBQ in the sunshine

3rd June 2009

a great start!
looks like a great send off and start to a super long holiday! hope you have an amazing time! im looking forward to following you through your blog! now go smash some "chang" in BBK! x
3rd June 2009

Bon Voyage!
Lau Lau, Looks like your farewell party was a riot (nothing less than o expected from you!!) Gutted to have missed it. Hope you've arrived safely and no doubt you are already up to mischief! Have a fabulous time and keep the blogs coming.........they will keep me going whilst sat in a grim office in the uk!! Lots of love, Nonie. xxx PS you'll be pleased to know the heat wave didn't last long and the UK is now overcast and cloudy!! x
9th June 2009

Looking forward to the up an coming messages and photos of you in your adventures around the miss ya x

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