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November 4th 2008
Published: November 4th 2008
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This is all there is!
All of our stuff is in two medium sized ruc-sacks, Everything! A years’ worth of stuff in two bags!
I normally take more than this when I go away for the weekend!
This can't be right can it? Only three T-shirts and a pair of cheap shorts, not to mention not even a week’s worth of underwear, I'm beginning to wonder if I've done this wrong! We seem to be carrying enough anti Malaria tablets to safeguard the population of Europe, but very little else!

May on the other hand seems remarkably un-troubled by the lack of things in her bag and sits quietly at her laptop happily sorting her last few bits and bobs. She informs me she still has a few bits and pieces to pick up in town, but for the most part has everything she needs.
I ask her how she feels at the prospect of this trip as a whole and she replies "tired", not the answer I was expecting but an honest answer none the less. "Aren’t you excited" I ask, "Not really - maybe a little". At the moment I understand exactly how she feels but that’s not to say we aren't
Not in bagsNot in bagsNot in bags

Some of our junk.
looking forward to it, we're just aware of how little time we have left.

With only four days left before we fly, this trip is suddenly very real. Up until now it's seemed a long way off, almost like the whole thing was a dream. Now however the reality of it all has arrived very suddenly and we are fast running out of time to prepare.
Both May and I have been a little edgy over the past few days to say the least and the idea of knocking the whole trip on the head and going back to work has been joked about on more than one occasion.

If we're honest it's fair to say we feel like we're in a state limbo at the moment, This trip has been a long time coming and a lot of work to sort out and now it's finally upon us, we just want to go!

Watch this space!


4th November 2008

Good Luck!
Just to say good luck. Keep us updated as much as you can. Sounds like you will have a wicked time. Bye xxxxxxxxxxx
4th November 2008

Bon Voyage to you both, have a great time, safe journey, just enjoy the experience of a lifetime you lucky people and remember to look after eachother.Will be waiting for your updates.Bye for now.XXXX
4th November 2008

Hey guys!! IT IS RIGHT NOW!! enjoy every moments! have the time of you life!! J.
4th November 2008

Not like you Mr Pope to worry about the state of your underwear!!! Good luck to you both!! Will be thinking of you on Saturday! Love from Greenway Farm xxxx
5th November 2008

Andrew and May - Have the time of your lives - take many photographs - make lots of memories - look after each other - 'break a leg' All love and best wishes xxxxxxx
6th November 2008

Don't worry about a thing. This is the chance of a lifetime, make the most of it ! Can't wait to get your updates. Will be thinking of you both on Saturday. Have a fantastic time. Loads of love Sar xxxxx

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