Two hours and twenty-four minutes in Brighton.

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April 30th 2010
Published: April 30th 2010
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The murmur at the train station; £4 baguettes; commuters smiling on their way home; the sea breeze; Brighton and Hove Albion; gastro pubs with enormous sofas; the Laines; shops with naughty names; flip-flops in April; double-decker buses; pretentious delicatessens; Chinese people; personal space; Wai Kika Moo Kau; graffiti and art; seagulls and pigeons; shopkeepers who call you mate.

Headscarves worn by women from Palestine; Palestinian scarves worn by maths students from Lewes; smokers; the new library; Seven Dials; fashion consciousness; the beach; recruitment agencies; incense; postcard stands; freedom; brand shops where independent ones used to be; Indian restaurants; "An' I woz like, wh-aaa'?"; feisty tramps; tea houses; Alice Russell and Jehst; Starbucks; Polish people.

A couple of familiar faces?; Ugg boots; people speaking central European languages; concert posters on Dyke Road; a flower shop with yucca plants in the window; Shakeaway milkshakes; shouty buskers; people from London; sticky-haired boys in tracksuits; the Royal Pavilion; phone shops; H+M; A man walks into a bookshop, where the lady at the counter gives him a frozen chicken; language schools; the pier; home.

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30th April 2010

I'm not sure if it's just the gorgeous photos (as always) but can I come visit you in Brighton next time you're home? It looks gorgeous! Hope you're ok xx
30th April 2010

Playing With Words!
Fantastic...I loved the way you played with the words and created a mood and warm atmosphere for Brighton, very clever! I don't know why but I immeadiately thought of W.H.Auden's poem "Night Mail".
3rd May 2010
Stormy weather in Brighton

This is a stunning stunning shot :)
I'm really impressed that you got this from a G9 - this is also one of the first comments to be added regarding an individual photo :)
20th October 2010
Stormy weather in Brighton

Congratulations! This photo is currently on the Front Page. I hope married life is treating you well, and you will soon be providing lots of baby bloggers, for TravelBlog. ;)
3rd January 2012
Stormy weather in Brighton

This photo has it all - perfect timing, beautiful light and a wonderful perspective.

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