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April 25th 2013
Published: April 25th 2013
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Our original plan was to bike over Dartmoor where we would pass Grimspound, the Neolithic site where Sherlock Holmes camped during the Hound of the Baskervilles. Our original timetable had us there on a full moon. The timetable was shot after several days of bike breakdowns, walking up horrendous hills, and difficulties in finding our route and running into detours. And then we heard numerous warnings of treacherous conditions for riding in Dartmoor, especially in bad weather. So plan 2 had us heading north to Bodmin Moor, another wild and beautiful part of Cornwall.

As we climbed up to Bodmin on day 3 we entered a world of mist and open country that seemed like the top of the world. Picture a single track road winding through open pastures with sheep grazing freely. A lamb followed me for a ways on an uphill climb, running along as I panted and pedaled. We descended into the village of Camelford for the night and climbed back to the moor on day 4. Now the fog was thick with only about 100 feet of visibility. The lead biker faded into the fog, even with all our lights and yellow clothing. Cars, sheep, and horses loomed out of the fog. To the usual bikers' warnings of "car up" and "car back" we had to add "sheep up." A man walking his dog appeared and Karen complimented him on the dog's good behaviour. He replied, "Of course, he's an English dog."

We left the moor once again and spent the night in the small village of Hatherleigh. Back to the land of flowers where primroses grow wild in clumps along the road and poke out of every rock wall. We love the walls topped with blooming heathers. We spent the evening searching for a route out of here that would avoid the continual steep ups and downs that have punished our legs. We are now in Devon, which is as hilly as Cornwall and we are looking forward to leaving some of the hills behind. Kit and I send our thanks to Kirk, Liz, and Troy who helped get our bodies ready to take on this trip. And we all thank Paul and Chuck for their work on our bikes and advice on spare parts and tools.

Our progress has been slow during this inital part of the trip and we are hoping to make better time as we leave the hills behind. Here is a summary of the journey to date:

Day 0 - Land's End to Penzance, 14.1 miles

Day 1 - to Varyan, 42 miles

Day 2 - to St. Austell 14.9 miles

Day 3 - to Camelford, 30.9 miles

Day 4 - to Hatherleigh, 45 miles

-- Kathy

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25th April 2013

OK now I am all caught up...
Looks like you have made good progress in spite of initial mishaps. Love to you all! Chin up and all that rot... Bill says Hello, loves the blog so far, keep the photos coming!
26th April 2013

Heroic efforts and events needed for an Epic Adventure
Gang -- like Maude and Bill, I finally got caught up today...your going on a major event and being in the land of King Arthur, St George, and Golf -- I have been wondering what wonderful heroic, epic and challenging events/themes were to become part of the tale...so far it seems you have the damsel in distress where the evil bike store troll is vanquished by the angel of mercy story line completed [hopefully for the rest of the journey]...I am so looking forward to what triumphs will present themselves next...wishing you all the best....tk
26th April 2013

Great photos!
30th April 2013

I hadn't realized you folks would be riding unpaved trails/routes. So who won pooh sticks? Great photos and wonderful blog entries. Its been fun following your route as you make your way through Cornwall and into Devon.

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