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November 10th 2009
Published: November 10th 2009
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Hello everyone! Long time no see!
How are you all? I hope everybody is healthy, and that you haven't been sick with swine flu.
Are you studying hard for your teachers?

I am still in England at the moment. I am living with my mum and my sister, Cathryn. It is nice to be home because I can now eat lots of delicious English food that you can't buy in Korea. Ive also enjoyed spending lots of time with my family.
I like being in England because - There are no mosquitoes!
- The weather is much cooler than in Korea in summer time
- There is lots of grass in England so we can play football
without hurting ourselves
- England has lots of beautiful countryside with lots of animals so
I go walking a lot.

However I do miss Korea and all my students very much!

Today I want to tell you about a place close to my home town. Its called Dartmoor. Dartmoor is a very big National Park. I told you all that in England we don't have any mountains. England is a very flat country. However, we do have lots of moorland. Dartmoor is a big area of moorland.
Moorland is usually very hilly, but the hills aren't very high. The highest hill on Dartmoor is 634 metres. However, there are a lot of hills with small valleys in between with lots of rivers and streams.
There are a few trees, but Dartmoor is mostly grass and bog. Sometimes it is very dangerous because you can't see the bog. If you fall into the bog it can suck you in like quicksand. Usually though, going in the bog just makes your feet very wet! Do you have bogs in Korea?
Dartmoor has lots of animals, like horses, sheep, cows, snakes, hawks, rabbits and squirrels. Some people think that big cats live here, too. But I don't know. I will show you a picture of a big cat on the moor. Maybe it's a panther. What do you think?
I like to go hiking on Dartmoor for 3 days or more. I take a tent and we go walking for about 80KM. Dartmoor is very big and not many people live there, so you have to carry lots of water and food. At night it is quite cold and usually it's very windy and rainy, so it is quite scary! But we build a big fire and cook our dinner on the fire, so its a lot of fun. Do you like camping?
Can you see the photos? Dartmoor looks very pretty don't you think? Can you see the hills with the rocks on top? These are called tors. Your teacher can tell you how they are made. I like standing on top of the tors and looking at the view.
Can you see the picture of the bridge? This is a clipper bridge, it is very old. The rivers on Dartmoor are very clean, so you can go swimming in them. I swam in this river. Do you think it looks cold? Would you like to swim here?

I hope you like looking at my photos of Dartmoor. I will send you some more soon, but this time it might be from Egypt.

I miss you all and hope you are all doing well. If you want to send me a message you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


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Tavistock police stationTavistock police station
Tavistock police station

This is the police station in Tavistock. It's very different from Korean police station, isn't it!

This is my hiking backpack. It weighs 20kg!

This is an old church in St Peter Tavy. It is about 1000 years old!

Can you seethe three tors on top of the hills

It rains ALOT in England
The beast!The beast!
The beast!

Do you think this is a panther? This photo was taken close to my home town. Scary!?

13th November 2009

hello, Daniel I'm sih young. I will miss you. your blog is great. Your hometown is fun!!
17th November 2009

Wow! I was amazed to see your blog well maden. The more fantastic thing is to see the Dartmoor scene with a lot of hills and ponies. The most impressed thing is to read easy and beatiful literary works to be written by yourself. Your blog you sent us really helpful to understand about your country. Thanks, I really appreciate this.

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