A Really Good Weekend!

Published: May 29th 2006
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Me and Charlie..Me and Charlie..Me and Charlie..

At the restaurant..
What can i say.. This weekend has been great.. it was a awesome week at work and to top it all off, we were able to have a nice long 3 day weekend, as it was Bank Holiday today which is Monday.. So on Friday night, Rangi, Leanne and myself all decided that we have heaps to moan and groan about, so we piled up on some Junk food and DVDs and yeah you get the rest of the picture.. speant the night in front of the tele with a whole heap of food! hehe.. ohh and i might add that there was Corn Beef and Sphegtti in there too.. yumm... Saturday our other mate Charlotte came down to Manchester and we all went shopping.. mostly grocery.. then in the evening went to a restaurant for dinner and ate some pretty hefty food.. including the traditional English dish "Yorkshire Pudding" it was good.. After dinner we went to the Preston Manchester Temple, it is AMAZING!! but i suppose you could guess that.. we were a lil bummed that they had gates locked around it, that we couldnt go right up to it, but we are going in this Saturday for baptisms
The Trafford Centre..The Trafford Centre..The Trafford Centre..

Believe it or not.. this is a shopping mall.. its 3 storeys high.. amazing i tell yah.. the place is huge!! you'll be suprised at what they have inside here!
so im looking forward to that..
Sunday we went to Church and after it had the YSA dinner at our mate Leannes house.. then today which is Monday we went up to the Peak District which is beyond words! I cant try to explain how gorgeous it was, and what was a real bummer was that my camera died on me up there, so i couldnt take as many pics as i wanted to..
Anywho, its been a great weekend, and now ready to go back to work tommorow.. darn it.. ehhe nah work isnt that bad..
Thanks all for your comments, and for keeping in touch.. still missing the home grounds of Aoteoroa but am so thankful I am able to experience this side of the world..
Have a great week all.. Love ya's.. Ali

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Monsta Dessert!Monsta Dessert!
Monsta Dessert!

Yup and Charlie ate the lot of this!
Rangi, Charlie, Leanne, and MwahRangi, Charlie, Leanne, and Mwah
Rangi, Charlie, Leanne, and Mwah

Freezing cold at the Peak Distract.. one of them self photo ones..

29th May 2006

Wow chickee's that all looks AWESOME - feels like i'm THERE - ya know, learning about what's the buzz over there.. Temp lookssss SOOOO nice.. Wow felt the spirit just looking at the photo.. We've been quite busy - it was Mere's bday over the wknd too which was fun haha.. Have a great wk sisters.. see you soon xx
29th May 2006

HiIII Ali AN RANGI, man im so glad to hear that you guys are having fun, AND EATING HIPS AN HIPS, well we have this auckland regional ysa confrence coming up so everyone is kinda getting ready for that so it sounds like its gonna be fun, but hope you 2 are good, an thanks for keeping me updated, lol, just a qwick note for you ali an rangi, YOU 2 LOOK LIKE YOU NEED TO SLEEP, LOOKS LIKE YOUR SIGHTSEEING ALOT AHAHAHAHAHA, CHUS PLAYING, ANY WAYS BE SAFE, AN HEAR FROM YOU SOON OFA LAHI ATU AND AROHANUI
29th May 2006

hey mate, damn! soundsd like you be having fun over there. you make my life seem like im in spirit prison. accounting lectures and law lectures, arggghh. anyway, its awesome to hear that your well and happy, and to see that you havent lost your appetite. thanks for keeping us updated with things. take care, and have fun gri lanka
30th May 2006

Heya Girlie
We all have fun reading your blogs girlie sounds like things are going well for you there!!! I am so pleased for you, yeah that yorkshire pud looks darn good..hahahaha..nice to see ya still have the islander appetite ...much love sunshine... Meps
30th May 2006

Yeah so what you guys are having heaps of fun...ya'll wont be at ysa conf this weekend lol actually for some reason i still think a trip to the UK tops a ysa conf in chilly Auckland...have fun
30th May 2006

need a mohe?
haha.. hey girls.. omg, i finally found this travel blog fing?? this whole time, tee and i have been complaining how uz dont send it to our emails.. ahha.. derrr, coz it was go into the junkmail.. haha, anyways.. u'z look mohe material on that foto?? haha.. but still gorgeous.. hope uz are well.. have fun.. miss yaz love yz.. mere
16th June 2006

allli of ali where for art our ali1
hey girl thanks for the emails i know you dont got alot o time when you use the net but ummmmm HELLLO like where have you been? we miss you and dont have anything better to do than read your diary.. take care of you and get back to us soon Ali Love jax

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