Farewell to the UK

Published: July 24th 2009
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Trying for size...Trying for size...Trying for size...

No, that's not my race suit!
Dom and I were today destined for Spa-Francorchamps for the epic 24 Hour endurance race.

While our plans have slightly changed and we're instead heading off in the early hours of Saturday morning (for a lunchtime arrival, with the race starting at 04:00pm), the excitement to see the famous circuit in the flesh hasn't.

I've also been told by many, many people of the need to sample to iconic Belgian waffles and local beer while I'm there. I've had a solid week of fitness training, so why not!

I hope to catch up with Stephane Ortelli - who is competing in a Porsche RSR at the race - who I haven't seen since 1996 when we lived together in the UK for a few months. My sister Chelsea and I (despite being 3 and 6 respectively) still remember how much fun the guy was, and a pretty sharp driver too.

I won't be staging puppet shows with him this time around, but it will certainly be good to see him in action and have a chat about his opinions of my plans for 2010 and beyond.

The last couple of days have been relatively cruisy, with
Dinner at FranksDinner at FranksDinner at Franks

Great food and great company.
a fair amount of time spent at the gym, and I've been in London once again to meet with yet more networking contacts that I've picked up over the last couple of weeks.

Fellow kiwi driver Chris van der Drift has just moved to Milton Keynes with his partner yesterday also, so we've spent a fair bit of time hanging out with them also. The amount of kiwis popping up in this town is quite scary! We'll have our own little community before we know it...

The weather here has been warm but changeable - we had a massive downpour this morning that woke the entire town up - and I'd say there will be more of the same in Spa. I've got my jacket, running shoes and track pants, so Dom and I will be exploring for the 24 hour at all points of the 7km circuit.

I've attached the BBC Radio interview Frank Nezhadpournia and I did on Wednesday (broadcast to 2.5 million people!) and a couple more photos of the journey, which is nearly at its closing point now...



24th July 2009

Farewell Bro!
You take it easy off the tracks and go hard on the tracks! best wishes Frank

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