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September 27th 2016
Published: September 27th 2016
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After what seems like an eternity of a count-down, we are at last about to enter our final week before departing on the journey of our lives around the world. We can’t quite believe it’s finally arriving.

All in all, the last few months have been rather hectic. Alongside trying (and often failing) to remain focused on the day job, with Vicky being cast away as far as Helsinki, we have been trying to see as many of our nearest and dearest as possible before we’re stuck with each other for three and a half months. It’s been lovely being able to see so many friends and family recently, and we will certainly miss you all! As well as this, we’ve been trying to gather together all of the gumph we think we’ll need for our time away. This has presented a challenge in itself, in that the number of items in the ‘to pack’ pile, seem to be completely outweighing the circa 80 litres of space available within our respective backpacks. As well as the standard week’s worth of pants and socks (don’t worry Mum, they’ll be in), and clothing for all climates, every other eventuality is being packed for – from “sporks” to be used in case our hostels run out of cutlery, to battery charged phone chargers in case the whole of Uruguay decides to have a power cut next week – we will be equipped! We’ve even managed to get our final fix of powerpoint production, through the creation of a pack summarising our 112 day itinerary. This has been sent to both sets of parents for daily tracking, and we will now have to wait until our return to work for that feeling of pure satisfaction that only the creation of a well-balanced slide can bring…

The really new thing in all of this though is what you’re reading right now. Blogging. Never done it, and didn’t think we ever would. We hope it’s a good way to keep in touch with you all, and that none of this is too dull, smug, or ‘look-at-what-a-great-time-we’re-having-whilst-everyone-else-is-catching-the-07.14-train-to-work-on-a-cold-November-morning’…if it is, sorry, and we won’t be too offended if you decide to cut all other ties with us…until we get back, at least.

With haircuts, leaving drinks, dentists, and last suppers with the family all in the diary, there is still much to do before next Thursday, so that’s all for now. We’ll be in touch from somewhere, hopefully South America, soon!

D&V xx


27th September 2016

Amazing first entry guys! Can't wait to keep up with all this while you're away, will give me some lovely lunchtime reading :) could I also have a copy of the powerpoint please?! Lots of love Kat xxx
27th September 2016

Thanks Kat! We hope the upcoming blogs don't disappoint...powerpoint will be on its way by the weekend, just putting the finishing touches together!
27th September 2016

Count me in on the viewing of this. Sounds awesome. It's been 9 YEARS since we met Dom! Safe travels.
28th September 2016

Time flies Taylor! Hope all is well with you.
27th September 2016

Every blessing on your lifetime adventure
We will be thinking of you so much and praying for protection wherever you are. Have an amazing trip, look after each other and we are looking forward to some beautiful photography. Loads of love to you both xx 😎😍

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