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June 15th 2011
Published: June 29th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Yes it's time for another blog on what seems to be the longest build up to a trip even though this time is actually less time between booking and actual departure date from my last trip in 2009.

Now on 32 days which was only only just over a week ago from my last blog entry and the time seems to be really dragging but had the worst couple of days to the start of this week. Been in such a foul mood that I've actually come straight home after work as I fear that I might actually snap at someone. Thank god today has been a better day. Have to keep the attitude of not giving a s**t about work etc as it could really wind me up. All I can say is thank god for my iPhone music that I get to listen to while at work. Much rather listen to music rather than people talking about what book they nearly bought or what house work they did at the weekend. Not my idea of fun! Just have to think that in a years time, people at home will still be doing the same thing, that's the thing I've found each time I've come back it's only a couple of days before you feel like the time you were away seems like a long and distant memory!

So my brain today has been back to normal and I'm back at being super hyper about everything travel related. Been chatting to a girl who I am meeting up in October and we've been getting accommodation etc sorted. LOVE the look of the hotel we are staying at and it even has a roof top pool! She leaves on the 17th 😞 but I meet my other travel companion on the 19th 😊 so I shall be chilling out for a couple of days till she arrives! So excited about it all now even though that's in October!! 😊

Went on a little shopping trip at the weekend so have started getting bits and pieces for going away which actually makes it seem more real. Things like shoes, bikinis etc so it's all making me feel excited (more than before!). Starting to look at packing lists now as well to see what stuff I need to take. My rucksack has been in hiding in another room so now it's back out with stuff in it and it's very bizarre knowing how much you are packing will have to see you for the next 6 months to a year to start with! I honestly feel like a snail with my house on my back!

It's pained me to do it as well but I've made the decision to sell my SLR camera and not take it with me travelling. I'll already have my laptop with me so to have another security risk with me I'm not sure is worth the risk and with a couple of lenses it makes it quite heavy but on the plus side obviously I have a lighter back but also an extra bit of cash in my pocket. My parents have kindly agreed to buy me a compact camera before I go away as a leaving/early birthday present.

I owe so much to my parents, firstly letting me live rent free whilst living at home for each trip and just being my parents and being supportive for all my spontaneous trips as I know I put them through a lot of worry especially from my last trip and how I was quite accident prone and all they had was a homesick daughter who kept having accidents calling them on a regular basis. Really don't want to be putting them through that again. My dad is in his early 70's and still working and my mum is in her mid 60's and also still working (think they would kill me if I actually put in their age :p) so the last thing I want to do is be a worry for them. I am the last to fly the nest so this is time for me to actually take flight and not keep coming back like a boomerang! I need to stand on my own 2 feet and become stronger as a person and I'm sure I will eventually figure out what it is that I want to do with my life or I will keep travelling until I do!

So this week is about booking a dentist appointment (I have a serious phobia of dentists - the only way I could go last time and have root canal treatment was to be sedated!) but bearing in mind it's only a couple of things that need doing and I've sat through 3 hours of a really painful tattoo on my stomach - dentist should be a walk in the park! Needs to be done though as it's not about getting stuck somewhere dodgy and getting problems with my teeth!

I'm now on 13 and a half days left at work which equates to one more full week after this week, then a 4 day week then a 2 and a half day week which I know should sail past but it doesn't seem to be at the moment. Although I know when I finally finish I will be wishing I had more time. Got my plans in place for my leaving BBQ/early birthday gathering which will be a joint birthday for my sister also who will be turning 21 again (she would also kill me at mentioning her age!). Decided not to go for a big night out this time as don't want people just using it as an excuse for a p**s up. So I've invited my closest friends and obviously my family so it will be nice to do something low key!

Right think that's enough for this entry.....the nerves and excitement are really setting in now!! WOO HOO!!!


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