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July 16th 2008
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Well, we have finally arrived at the highlight of our trip - Giessbach. We got on a train to Zurich in Salzburg at 12:55 a,m. Luckily, the compartment was only a four sleeper and we had the bottom bunks so we crawled right in and attempted to get some shut eye. Our wake up call came at 6:30, approximately one and one-half hours before we would arrive. We got off the train in Zurich and immediately got on another train for Bern (one hour long trip). Once in Bern, we immediately hopped on another train for Interlaken. Once in Interlaken, we had a 2 hour break before the steam freighter would take us to our final destination. Almost across the street from the station was a washteria, where we deposited 2 weeks worth of very stinky clothes. Saw some hang gliders and decided to do a team jump tomorrow (??????). Finally caught the steamer to Giessbach - an hour long ride in the lake with mountains looking down on you - absolutely incredible. Once at Geissbach, the only thing there is the hotel and the waterfall, which Robert claimed was only accessible by yet another funicular (train up the side of the mountain). Eyes closed, Kathy took the journey up. Upon arrival, we were told our room wasn't ready - had a drink and some pommes frites. Our room was still "occupied" by people who management did not know where they were. Offered us a junior suite to bathe, which we took them up on. Have this for the night as the "people" thought they had booked Big Suite for another night. Took a walk to the waterfall where Kathy stood 20 - 30 feet away while Robert walked out on the bridge (the lowest one). Kathy hopes to accomplish this bridge tomorrow while Robert will be climbing to the very top - Kathy will be watching from the terrace with drink in hand.

For a first class hotel, we have been treated shabbily by all except the bartender. Asked for a table and told no - asked why and told they had a big group coming. Four hours later and the tables have all been stripped. Ate a quick meal and did not get what we ordered and no one waited on us again - this is not good - Robert will be complaining on behalf of Food and Wine.

Still, it is the most beautiful place on earth!!!!!

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16th July 2008

This is the place i wanted to see huh?! It's beautiful - i'd just cancel the rest of the trip and stay there - dont worry if you dont have the room booked that long b/c apparently you dont have to really have it booked b/c you can just tell the hotel that you "thought" you had it booked, since that worked for the people who had your room when you got there!! HA!! And Kathy, get your butt up on the bridge, girl!! Once in a lifetime thing!! Miss you!!

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