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October 25th 2005
Published: October 31st 2005
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Today we made a new friend! Monty is mixed breed dog - we think pit bull/German short-haired pointer - who lives at our hotel in Interlaken. We desperately miss our Salty boy when travelling, so it's always nice to make new dog friends along the way. We found Monty frolicking in freshly raked leaves in the yard of the hotel. He's only 2 years old but has quite a tale to tell: some Mexican backpackers found him alone last year in Mont Blanc, France (hence his name) and brought him along to Interlaken. Upon their return to Mexico, they left him with the owners of the hotel.

Monty is quite talented. In the evenings, he enjoys visiting the hotel guests. He wanders the halls and jumps up on his hind legs to scramble at the doors. If he manages to hook an unlocked door handle lever, he will push it open and come on in to your room for a visit! He came by to see us at bedtime and promptly hopped up on the bed with me and made himself comfortable. The owner told us not all guests appreciate this however. She once ran up the stairs to screams of "help" to find Monty sitting quietly on the floor of a room with several guests standing on the beds in fright! 😊


1st November 2005

How cute!! WE know the feeling of missing your doggie. We just got back and were sooo happy to see Riddlers! We always meet new doggies. This was a cute story. Have fun you two. great pics
1st November 2005

i love this monty story. i too always miss my dogs when traveling and seek out the companionship of the local dogs (mutts).... this is a GREAT tail and what a face..... nice shot j!

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