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March 7th 2006
Published: March 7th 2006
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The sight of seeing the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the northern light is simply breath-taking. Even if you have the possibility to see it almost every evening up here in jukkasjarvi, it is different every single evening, every moment you look up it is a feeling of magic.

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7th March 2006

Wow...fantastic pics!!!! I've heard quite a bit about it, but to actually see such great pictures was wonderful, thanks:)
19th September 2006

those pictures have just melted my brain
9th November 2006

Wow! Thanks. That is sweet.
1st March 2007

Wow, those are such incredibly beautiful pictures!! How did you take them? Do you need a special camera to capture those images? Thanks for sharing them.
15th April 2007

<--- Jealous
Really nice. I've put that on my list of things to see someday. Very nice photos!
12th June 2007

wow the pictures are amazing. We went to jukkasjarvi in Jan 07, best trip we have ever been on but me didnt see the norhtern lights, i am still devasted now, but it spurs me on the travel back to Sweden again in search of the lights :-)
6th July 2008

Stunning! great shots, must have been an awesome sight!
23rd June 2009

Makes me want to change my travel plans to witness this myself.
5th December 2009

I live in Northern Ontario and have never seen such a display! Beautiful pictures by the way!
7th June 2010

Aurora borealis!
sorry haven't replied to anyone.. it has been a while since i logged on! The aurora is absolutely amazing.. it is even so that you can sometimes hear it.. very strange feeling.. overwhelming and just beyond your imagination. the answer to some... NO you do not always see it this well.. it does appear brighter in the pictures... but even then it is just breathtaking.. especially on dogsled!! When going by dogsled you see the aurora so much more powerful because you usually are in an area where there is no one and no light polution! in case anyone is interested you can visit my site.. will post some more pictures of the aurora later on if the season allows!!

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