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October 27th 2007
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Okay, where to start.. Have probably had 4 of the craziest days in my life on the train. So much fun!

We got to the trainstation in time after a sweaty ride in the metro. so much for that last shower in 4 days. The train station were full of police men and mil;itaries that checked passports and visas but didn't get stop luckily.

Met an american guy, Brian, on the station and it was kind of a relief that it would be more travellers on the train.

Didnt manage to swap carriges so we ended up in three different. Got in to mine and was a bit confused. Didnt really know how to do on a Russian train. But thanks to the woman next to my bed, Svetlana, I got sorted. Svetlanda kept an eye on me the whole time on the train. gave me breakfast, showed me how to fold the blanket (had to to it in acertain way), showed me to my bed when I constantly kept walking by it. Everything looked the same and tucking me in when my balnkets kept sliding down on the floor ont he nights.

Was the only non Russian in my carrige the first day until another swedish guy, aron, got on. We were very popu;ar and alot of Russians came and try to talk to us. Specially younger Russians. No one spoke a word of English so the conversation was a bit slow. But showed eachouther photos of families and things like that.

The train departed late so the first night we all went straight to bed. Slept very well and it was very calm and quiet for being 50 people in the same carriges without doors. Was extreamly hot though and the bed too short so my feet stuck put into the corridor. every time someone paseed it, they hit my feet. A bit annoying.

The next day we catched up with some more travellers. Chris from England och Finn also from Enlgand. And Bryan of coarse. Chilled out most of the day and in the evebnlig we went to Kerrys carriege to drink vodka and eat bread, sausages, fruits and other things with some Russians. One girl, a 17 years old law/student, knew a liitte enbglish so we managed to conversate a little bit.

Next day we met three crazy Finnish guys. Tommi, a former hockeyplayer. Moppi, a 40 year old hippie and Pekka that's been out travelling for many years. Played some serious games of Uno and in the night we ended up drinking vodka in their carrige.

Next day was pretty much the same, uno and drinking vodka and eating.

So it's moslty been about meeting all kinds of people, having a great time, running out on the platform when the train stopped for a few minutes, to buy food from the old ladies selling all kinds of things.

Could go on forever about things that happend but that would take ages. Let the photos talk for htmeselves.

Today early morning we got to Irkutsk. Everyone is confused after passing 5 time zones and the whole tain seemd to go after different ones. We took a tram to our hostel and hanged out for a while. Had the best shower of my life. Haven't changed clothes at all. Wearing same clothes days and nights. Didn't exactly feel clean this morning..

Have been walking around in Irkutsk on the afternoon and booked bus tickets to an Island in Lake Baikal. Will be me, Larissa, Kerry, Bryan, Finn, Daneil (an english guy we met here at the hostel) and the three Finnish guys. Will be great fun. Such good and funny people.

Will try to get up some photos now and then we're off to a pub to watch English Football with the once mentioned above and some people from this hostel.

Bye bye

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