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July 31st 2008
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St Basils CathedralSt Basils CathedralSt Basils Cathedral

How to put into words, the beauty and surrealness of this great catherdral... Hmm, maybe you should just go and see it!
Ok so this is ddelayed, just letting readers know am back in Oz but still want to share my stories.

I was excited and daunted at the same time coming to Russia, especially Moscow. A bit of a set back arriving in Moscow, still unwell and multiple days of little sleep I decided to have a rest day and try and kick the virus. Still trying to kick the virus as it had kicked me! In many ways and has put a dampner on my Russian trip. I haven't even drunk alcohol for over 1 week. Anyhoo Moscow as I found out, not so scary. Lots of warnings, left me a bit concerned for my safety but honestly it's like any other big city; London or New York.

The Kremlin is the centre of this city. The Kremlin is an old fortified town, which consists of the Presidents chair and also a whopping 25 churches and other buildings. The Kremlin is situated on the Moscow river and on the other side is Red Square, which has Lenins tomb and St Basils Catherdral. And also GUM, Moscows first shopping centre. Moscow is great on the weekend, all Moscovites go to

No drought in Russia
the Dachas (summer houses) for the weekend and Moscow becomes almost a ghost town in the streets. Everything in Moscow is big. Statues, fountains, buildings. One statue of St Peter, is over 100 metres tall. I was taken on a tour of Moscow by Larissa's dad today and got to visit a beautiful orthodox church. There we made many blessings, one especially for my travels.

It was a day of many churches, that trip followed by a tour of Novdevichy Monestary which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. From the 16th century, it's cementary is home home to many Russian authors, musicians and poets. Following this I also was taken around Moscow by they're niece Lena, form the Ukraine who is living in Moscow and surprise doesn't speak any english. Smiling was our main communication method. My patchy Russian and her patchy english was enough. A tour of the Kremlin. There is very limited access due to the Russian President having office there. Don't step outside the lines or they will blow the whistle at you! Armoury, cathedrals and beautiful gardens is what you find inside the fortress. We ventured to Moscows "MonteMarte" Stary Arbat (Old Arbat St)
I've been a bad girl...I've been a bad girl...I've been a bad girl...

Only kidding, no worries about getting these soldiers in a pic, especially when you say your from Australia. Even some random lady heard and wanted to take pics of me and the soldiers!!
where artists paitn portraits and the streets are made up of beautiful old buildings. Much of Moscow is cosy, narrow streets beautifully decorated gave me an intimate feel of Moscow. Have I mentioned how cheap beer is here? Like around $1 for a bottle from the shop and in a bar under $2 for a pint! And you can also walk around and drink open beers in the streets in legal! Beer is available every 10 metres! Moscow is definately a town for two. Lots of great bars and restaurants to enjoy. Water pipe smoking is very big here. I was very concerned when I kept seeing signs with "Hookahs" available here! This is the word for water pipe in Russian.

Though i loved Russia, my siunitis really dampened my stay. After an expensive trip to the American Clinic in Moscow, though at least with all my meds I could start to get better. After trying so hard to be patient in Russia and move on to my next destinations. I kinda lost my spirit for travel, just exhausted really. And honestly lonely, knowing to go further into my trip solo just wasn't what I wanted anymore. I want to share the experiences, so Georgia I know I was close but I will return. Who was I fooling, 8 weeks appears to be my expiry date with solo travel. Missing my fam and my place in the world back in Balnarring. I decided to begin my descent home. Already running low on cash and wanting to be somewhere, where I will feel good again I returned to my 2nd home, Poland! Already I have lots of plans and I want to put in action in Melbourne. So as impulsively as I planned this trip, I impulsively decide to return.

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The KremlinThe Kremlin
The Kremlin

Tomb of the unknown soldier
Lenin's tombLenin's tomb
Lenin's tomb

Isn't it funny when you realise after all these years, no I really don't need to go and see the waxed yellow body of an old soviet leader?!
Music undergroundMusic underground
Music underground

Don't you just love these moments?
Lena and BridgetLena and Bridget
Lena and Bridget

The novodevichy monastery
Starting to see a trendStarting to see a trend
Starting to see a trend

Is there a reason why I am always in photos in front of locked doors?...
The KremlinThe Kremlin
The Kremlin

On the moscow river

Inside one of the churches in the monastery
A grand entranceA grand entrance
A grand entrance

One of the many churches inside the Kremlin
Aah Moscow in SummerAah Moscow in Summer
Aah Moscow in Summer

Seriously this is what most of my Russian summer was like, but humid at least
Moscow, can you read this?Moscow, can you read this?
Moscow, can you read this?

Understand now, you need some compehensions of the Russian language when in Russia? This is a subway station list

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