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October 13th 2011
Published: October 16th 2011
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If you never watched Sesame street then you wont understand the title. Its Count Dracula on Sesame Street and he counts like that. It made me laugh when I wrote it so thats all that matters.

Its VAMPIRE day... little cloudy but no rain...been looking forward to this day trip for a while now. Woke up ready to go.. grabbed food and caught the bus to Bran Castle known more for Dracula's Castle. It is situated in the city of Bran about 45 min bus ride from Brasov. Dracula is based on Prince Vlad Tepes also known as Vlad the Impaler. (Prince of Wallachia) His fathers nickname was Dracul and traded is two sons one being Vlad to the Ottoman Turks. Vlad was always beaten and abused since he was apparently a stubborn child. Then finally released later in life. Thats pretty much his childhood and so he had a lot of hatred for the Turks. Thats probably why he was huge in to torturing enemy's. He would shove wooden stakes through peoples bodies and put heads on top of wooden stakes also. He was a pretty intense guy. Well thats just a little history about him.

The castle was amazing. Seeing it from a distance while getting off the bus was awesome as it sits on the side of the mountain. it was a small 5 minute hike up the hill to get to the castle. Inside the castle it was like a maze with a secrete passage that went from the 1st floor to the third floor and tons of different rooms. They story of the castle is pretty much the main reason why people see it since its basically the main castle in the Dracula stories. Walked around in for about an hour. It was super crowded with two big tour groups in it and one was a senior group with about 30 to 40 people. I waited for about 15 minutes for them to all come down the stairs. There was a lot of bottle necking through rooms. I was ready to leave after the hour of that. ha. Ate lunch in the village and had a fly in my ketchup... good highlight. ha

Something else I learned about Romania...huge issue with stray dogs. HUGE. i mean dogs there are like pigeons in cities. They just roam free. They are like kid beggars, they come up to u and wag their tail and give you that sad puppy dog face...please feed me. It was like watching that damn dog commercial back home with the "The arms of an Angel" playing in the back ground. Was really sad. I was worried that they were going to get hit by a car or something.

Next up I headed to another castle Rasnov Castle. This was just your typical huge fortress with a castle inside. They were doing some renovations to it. But it was really cool to walk trough. As you walk through the little fortress village you can imagine what it was like back when it was full operating in the 13th century. The little shops and the church right out side of the village. It wasn't the most glamorous and not a fairy tale castle but it was the biggest and the best that fit a stereotype of a castle that I have seen on this trip so far.

It was a full day of castles and bus riding. Grabbed some food on the way back and caught a train to Bucharest at 7 pm arriving at 10:10 pm.

As I printed out the directions to get to the hostel it had a lot of warning about dont use taxis cause they will rip you off and don't walk here at night. The best way was by bus. So I followed the directions when I got there. Bus 178... second stop...follow the route back a street and there the hostel was... WRONG.. the directions were completely wrong. Wandering next to a huge building that was deserted. Not really an ideal situation to be in. Walk back and forth for about 30 minutes, trying to find street names and I gave up finally. Caught a damn taxi. I guess I was super close and the taxi driver was this old man and drove me for free three blocks down. I was a tad irritated and wanted to bitch about it to the lady at the hostel..but of course the lady didn't write it so I didn't want to shoot the messenger. Figured Id check it out tomorrow. So I Checked into my room and Got some well deserved rest in my new city BUCHAREST which I noticed had a lot of work going on.


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