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June 29th 2012
Published: June 30th 2012
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We ended our stay in Turkey with an early wake up, çay and an airport shuttle tour from Göreme to Kayseri airport. Johanna managed to get our luggage booked all the way to Bucharest, effectly blocking the queue for 15 minutes when mr. Slowmotion in the check-in typed in all the info with his one-finger method typing technique. But we still had no problem making it to the plane even though the shuttlebus arrived only 50 minutes before the plane left, the Kayseri airport only consists of check-in, security and one gate so everything went quickly after the check-in.

After an hour up in the air we arrived back to square one, Istanbul. There we then sat reading books and writing on our blog for three hours before taking off for Bucharest, again about one hour in the air. When we arrived to the hostel the man at the desk seemed very troubled and phoned his manager, it seemed they had let out our room to someone else. But the room we got instead was a positive surprise, even though it had two beds instead of one it is equiped with a 30 m2 terrace and we even got a discount on the already cheap price making the room cost 90 lei (~20 euro) per night. The room is completely new with air conditioning, good beds and good shower so we are very content!

We were hungry so we decided to walk to the city centre and try to find something to eat on the way there. The city was a mix of Soviet style houses and jugend, and the state of the buildings varied alot; next to a newly renovated jugend house there was a jugend house where the balcony was without a floor and next to it a concrete house from the 60ies. All electricity was drawn outside of the buildings with cable ends sticking out, hopefully they are not live cables!

We eventually found a chinese restaurant that looked nice, after that we went to see the parliament building. It was big, but didn't look as big as we had expected, on the other hand more than half of the building is below ground. As it was getting late we walked back to the hostel to try out the beds in our room, we had been sleeping in hot, noisy rooms with hard beds for a week, so we really looked forward to a air conditioned, quiet room with soft beds!


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