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September 24th 2012
Published: September 24th 2012
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"Karin, you missed a spot!" -- Yes, we spent most of they day painting - or 'var' as they refer to it in Romania. The problem is, it wasn't the wall that was missing paint, just her left knee! The 'white wash' paint wasn't as thick as we were used too, so most of us painters today took a bath in white. Others enjoyed putting down flooring with a cork looking design.

Our co-workers for the day included Radu, Dante, Cipriah, and Viarsales as well as our Habitat contact Christina. The weather was beautiful, sunny in the low 80s. We realized our spot as we sat and enjoyed our freshly made chicken schnitzel and fries and tomato -- while the workers walked away to enjoy their bread with salt. Poverty exists even with those lucky enough to have jobs.

As we completed our afternoon coffee break, we were joined by Lydia, a future owner of one of the units we were working on today. She was excited we were there to help and shared part of her story with us -- she learned English watching TV. She is 46 and her younger sister is in a wheel chair - she is happy Habitat put in a door wide enough for a wheel chair as she is the primary care giver. She also has an elderly mother who will be living with them as well. You could tell she took pride in her house as she had painted unique designs in the bedroom making it 'hers'.

Tonight we have an opportunity to have dinner with the local affiliate and hear about the impact Habitat is making on the community and the people of Comanesti - not just by working, but by showing the impact volunteering can have on a community. In the past, forced volunteering by the Russian officials has discouraged any form of volunteering and the difference Habitat is making is starting to show.


24th September 2012

Way to go!
Thank you for living The Thrivent Way!

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