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March 5th 2020
Published: March 5th 2020
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I am not longer hot and sweaty !!!

I know many of you did not a get a notice of my last blog and have contacted the folks at Travel blog about that but have received no answer yet . If that is the case and you are reading this one , at the top of the page there is a cue "Previous " . Click on that and see if you can find it . Let me know if that works.

My last days in Sri Lanka were very slow and relaxing . I washed all my clothing and repacked my bags separating Southeast Asian needs from London /Lisbon needs . I also watched tv !! Old movies , "Doubt" with Merle Streep and "The Green Mile " and several episodes of Madame Secretary. It was good .

Galle is an interesting place and I did some exploring there and enjoyed their museums . However the heat and humidity kept me indoors midday was to much for me and even for the locals 2ho said it was at hotter than usual for that time of year. Climate change is a reality for the Singhalese.

The Kiwis , mother and daughter spent the the second night in Galle and we had a last supper together . That was nice . We were able to share stories and re mind each other of the things we experienced . We did so much it is easy to forget details . The next day we shared a cab into Colombo and said our final goodbyes.

My flight to London , 12 hours , was uneventful . It went by quite easily . They wined and dined us twice , I watched a few movies and napped at lest twice. Brenda was at Heathrow to meet me and it was so nice to see a friendly face. We made our way into London on the tube and KIM , Brenda'friend met us at Russell Station to lead us to their apartment .It all felt good.

The next day we headed out to Gatwick for our flight to Lisbon and here I am .

Enough for now . I shall write more tomorrow. LISBON is treating us well . It has a great feel .

Keep in touch .


7th March 2020

If you don’t like the weather in Saskatchewan, wait five minutes.
Hey Pam, great descriptions. We are so adaptive to the weather. Plus seven Celsius today with a forecast of big snow, then cold. Soak up all Lisbon and London provide. All is well here.
7th March 2020

This is a big change from Asia, you should like Lisbon. Enjoy Fado music in one of the tavernas, I was touched by that music. The city is beautiful but a lot of hills. Good exercise. Enjoy. Suzanne.
8th March 2020

Hope Portugal is good for you. Savannah, where we are right now is very pretty. Sun shining but wind very cool. Hope you have all the right clothes.Take care on the cobbles and enjoy your time .
8th March 2020

Travels in Portugal
The travel cards or zapping cards are great aren't they? Train metro and bus in the city and neighboring places like Sintra and Cascais. The forest around Pena Castle near Sintra was worth the entire trip I think. As was the lovely seaside in downtown Cascais. and the food is great!

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