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August 11th 2016
Published: September 6th 2016
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Today we took a 4 hour train ride to Przemysl. The train was very nice because we had a whole room to ourselves and we had a beautiful view. Once we got to Przemysl, we were met by Ania's sister Agata and Agata's son, Patrick. After we put our bags at their beautiful house, we went to Ania's dad's house. At his house, there was a huge garden where everyone started picking and eating raspberries, blackberries, plums, pears, apples, corn, and more. I loved eating the fresh fruit and I could not stop eating them. After a while, Ania's mother, brother, and brother's fiancee came. Then we ate more food.

The next day we went with Ania's dad and Patrick for a tour of Przemysl. First we went to a castle, called the fairy-tale castle (Krasoczyn) It was pretty cool. After that we walked around the grass and pond. Then we went the main square where we had really good pizza. Next we went to had the top of a hill that had a toboggan ride which was really fun especially when my dad went really fast. Then we went back to Agata's house and that is when we met Ania's niece, Claudia. She was very nice. Then we all went out to this really fancy dinner. me and my dad shared this huge meat platter. After that we went back home and slept.

Today went to more of Ania's relatives houses which meant eating a lot more food. After that went back to Ania's dad's house and had a BBQ. For most of the night I just stayed in the hammock. The following day we went with Ania's brother's and his girlfriend to Lancut to see the castle. We had an audio guide and there was a lot of art. We ate dinner at one of Ania's relative's house.

The next day, we went on another Przemysl tour with Ania's dad and Ania. The first thing we did was go to the Przemysl castle. It was not that fascinating but a shout out to Ania's dad for trying. Afterwards, we went to the main square once again. We ate lunch at most famous new restaurant right on the square. Then we had ice cream which no one really wanted, but we were forced by Ania's dad, but it was really, really good. Next, we went on a long drive to a hotel property (Hotel Arlamow) with a park and a great view. Finally, we drove to a dammed lake(Solina) We walked around and went to the stores. It was pretty fun but very touristy. Since there was a lot of fish in the lake they were selling a lot of big stuffed fish. Since I did not want anything from the stores, my dad asked if I want "big fish". We joked a lot about it for some awkward reason. We then drove back to the house.

The next day we went to Lviv, but that is for another blog. We had one more night in Przemsyl after Lviv. We took Claudia and Agata to a really nice dinner, the same restaurant that we went with Ania's dad. The next day we flew to London, England.

The reason we went to Poland was for Claudia's wedding, but that got called off. However, it was really cool to see Ania's family and were she grew up even though they shoved food in our mouths every 5 minutes. It was really hard with the communication but we got by. Overall, it was a very good experience. My favorite polish food is a fried potato dough made by Agata followed by potato peirogis.

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Me and PatrickMe and Patrick
Me and Patrick

Krasoczyn Castle

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