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August 16th 2013
Published: August 16th 2013
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Remaining piece of Warsaw Ghetto Wall.
The day started with an hour walk to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. It didn't seem that far on the map but our map reading skills are obviously not getting any better! In our defence there is much construction happening and roads are closed off here there and everywhere which, when you are trying to find your way around a foreign city, can throw you for a loop!

The hotel reception had assured us there would not be a line to get into the museum. Unfortunately this was not the case and we had to wait an hour to get in. Well worth the wait. The museum is a dedicated record of Warsaw's doomed rebellion against the Nazis in 1944. Yet again we were staggered by what the Polish people endured during World War II. The photographs and film footage that exist of the rebellion are remarkable and were taken by members of the Polish Underground. We paid a little extra to view 3D film footage of an aerial view of Warsaw in 1945. While the line to get into the little movie theatre (capacity 24) was long and moved incredibly slowly we decided we would persevere. The likelihood of our

Musicians in the sold Town.
coming this way again is remote so it was now or never. We had no idea how long the footage was but calculated that, given the rate that the line was progressing, about 30 minutes. It took a good hour and a half but eventually we found ourself in the theatre. The footage of the devastation that Warsaw suffered as a result of the war was impressive. Massive parts of the city were completed destroyed by the Nazis and what remained was devastatingly damaged. As magnificent as the footage was imagine how surprised we were when it ended after no more than 5 minutes! We had waited in line for an hour and a half for something that lasted no more than 5 minutes. It wasn't until we left the theatre that we realised that the reason why the line had moved so slowly was that tour groups were coming in to view the footage from another entrance and quite clearly are given priority viewing! Travelling for the first time in Europe is a huge learning experience and this was just another lesson in understanding how this tourist things works. In spite of the wait, and in spite of the

Medieval City Wall
fact the footage was so short, we are still glad that we viewed it. Still photographs go nowhere in providing an accurate picture of the state that Warsaw was left in at the end of the war.

Next stop was to locate a remaining piece of the Warsaw Ghetto wall. It was in the general area of the museum . . . sort of! A good half an hour later we found it, tucked away behind a wrought iron fence with nothing but a small inconspicuous sign to indicate its presence. It is just one of three fragments of the wall that remain and is a part of the wall that was constructed solely for the purpose of enclosing the ghetto. The other two remaining fragments that exist are walls of pre-war buildings.

Somehow we managed to find a shorter route back to the area where our hotel is located. We took a last wander around the Old Town and in our travels found the surviving city walls that surrounded medieval Warsaw. The Old Town was bustling again tonight. People everywhere. This part of Warsaw is very family friendly. Young and old meet up with family and friends

Medieval City Wall.
or just have a night out themselves. It's a warm, safe and inviting place to be with music playing and cafes that rival in quality and number those in Amsterdam. Just gorgeous!

One thing we have found in Europe is the general unevenness of the side walks. Many are cobble stone, which is a challenge to walk on in itself, and on occasion, in disrepair.(No different from home.) I have nearly come a cropper a few times. My dear friend Josie fell on a number of occasions while in Europe recently so now when I stumble either Clive or I say that I nearly did a 'Josie' or I've done a 'half Josie'. It's just a matter of time before I do a 'full Josie'.

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Bustling Old Town

19th August 2013

Enjoying your Blog. Glad your seeing as much as you can......even if you have to wait hours !! And please stay on your feet Henny, we don't want to see any walking wounded when you arrive home.
20th August 2013

Hi Henny and Clive, fascinating history. I\'m impressed that you\'re remembering it all. Watch where you put your feet and don\'t do a \'Josie\'. Luv, Kate

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