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September 1st 2019
Published: September 2nd 2019
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I awoke to natural light as the decorative curtain was just that. I initially went to sleep with the window open hoping for a cool breeze but the buzzing around my head educated me in learning that Poland has mozzies! Window closed! Surprisingly though, for someone who usually gets eaten alive, not a nibble. Maybe vodka shots are a repellant!!!

So the day begins with a 7am rise, shower and gorgeous stroll around the Palace grounds in the cooler breeze before the heat kicks in. Only 2 others at breakfast (Aussies) so a gentle start to the day. Slowly, slowly others drift in, some clearly morning people, others not! Some may never rise. Breakfast finished at 11 to prepare for the 1pm garden party. More food, great hospitality more alcohol and vodka shots if you wish (not for me after the night before- liver care day!!!!) and unusual stifling heat!

Out on the veranda we have shade and looking up the ceiling of the veranda is brick with old lighting. So beautiful. Some find space under the trees and we relax into the afternoon.

The Polish were taught the Nutbush dance and boot scooting to Achy breaky heart 🤪by the Aussies the night before and wanted to do an encore on the lawn. My Sister, Lynne, boot scootin tragic led the charge again. In her element!!!! She and I are very different personalities 😁.

Then farewell to family and our new Polish friends.

Taxi back to Wroclaw, an hour away, with the most entertaining cab driver who was such fun, showed us photos of his wife and son and by the sound of it has also been a naughty boy along the way. In his words...’I have made some mistakes in life.’

A walk through the square with luggage. Inhaled the history, the people and the delight of Wroclaw one last time.

Checked into hotel, a wine (NZ🤣) and cheese platter from the bar, watched euro news and to bed. Don’t remember hitting the pillow 😴. And tomorrow will bring new experiences in Berlin.

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