Prague/Krakow: Dreams, Dragons & Nazi Death Camps

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March 20th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Like moths to a flame, Prague's countless tourists swarm around the Old City streets, flitting in and out of the endless & identically-kitsch tourist shops, alighting nowhere for long. For most cities, however enchanting, this would be enough to wear the charm thin - very quickly... =/ But Prague is an untouchably magical place - a deep-dreaming city of cobbled lanes, Gothic spires and refreshingl... Read Full Entry

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View from the main watch-tower, Auschwitz-BirkenauView from the main watch-tower, Auschwitz-Birkenau
View from the main watch-tower, Auschwitz-Birkenau

This gives you some idea of the scale of this camp.

2nd April 2007

Onya Barbara, the Hostel Queen!
Fish, you have the same opinions on Prague, Auschwitz and Krakow as me (thus it can only be the right opinion :P). The contradicting disillusion of Prague's enchanting streets, the simplicity and subtle charm of Krakow and the incomprehensibility of Auschwitz. Nostalgia hangs in the air of my little room! Can't wait to see you soon! :P
2nd April 2007

Sobering story well written
Michael, again you have dazzled us with your prose! Well written and well illustrated with photos.
2nd April 2007

Very Touching ...
Depressing and a good moving read. It all boils down to human nature....we either get trapped into a vicious circle where atrocities/evil keeps happening again and again or we evolve to a more humane species as we learn from past experience and an optimistic person....I am hopeful....cheer !....JC
2nd April 2007

Bitter-Sweet Memories.
Reading your blog takes me back to our time in Poland! You certainly have captured the horror we felt. Michael, I think you should submit some of your writing to the travel section of The West Australian!
2nd April 2007

death camps
My 10 year old son sat next to me as I was reading. I tryed my best not to cry as he asked questons about the photo's. Thanks for taking us out of our safe Texas town for a walk in history with you.
2nd April 2007

A Comment
I browse through travelblogs looking for blogs just like yours. Amazing pictures and an informative and fascinating insight on what to expect when visiting these countries. The history of Auschwitz is ghastly. To see the set of what they went through must be chilling. That is one of the wonders of the world we try to keep hidden because no one wants to remember the atrocity. To make this random comment a little lighter: I'm thrilled to be going to Thailand and Cambodia for May break, so I'm pleased to find blogs with a lot of info, stories, and pictures. Great advice for travellers in Asia; keep on smiling, a smile and a carefree attitude will get you anywhere cheap, eh?
8th April 2007

Asia no more!
I can't believe you are not in asia anymore! What will Asia do!? I can't see the end of my Asian adventure just yet. I love it too much! Thanks for your blogs, I'll keep them im in mind when I pick up my travels again soon. Keep travelling and keep enjoying it and keep writing about it!!
10th December 2007

Words From Doha
Yr pics 've made me looking forward to go to Prague soon. Thnks for sharing them.
8th January 2008

Hey Michael. Read through your blogs. I must say that I enjoyed them tremendously. I like the fact that they're not merely descriptions but a valuable insight of the places you've visited, with a sprinkle of emotions and an injection of humour. Like a good book, it's really addictive. Your photos are amazing too =)
24th July 2008

Another great blog. :) Your Mama seems as fierce as mine is. Mine could haggle down the price in the 1 Euro store. :D I had a similiar feeling to yours when I visited Auschwitz. I was more shocked by how peaceful the surroundings are than anything. I could imagine happily spending a few nights there, if I didnt know about the ghosts. Dachu concentration camp is quite close to where we live. It is the same there. Quite and peaceful but with horrifying facts to read about and give the peace a new meaning A German friend of ours asked his grandparents if they knew about what was going on in the concentration camps during the war(when they were young). They said, they heard things but they thought that it cant be true because Germany is a civilised country. I think it could happen in any country too. Otherwise it wouldnt take so many controls to keep our democracies at the standards they have come to. And it took so much time to reach those standards in the first place. And see how many organisations and how much legislation it is taking to push our societies yet further. I am however convinced that it would not happen again in places like the European Union. If it was up to the average person in the street it might but we have such a level of protection in place that things can only get so bad before they are stopped. Mel

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