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November 1st 2006
Published: November 28th 2006
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What sould happen if you were taken from your home told you could bring a bag with 25 kilos of your things and taken on a journey for a better home...for these people it was Auschwitz...a long journey on a wagon with 1 barrel for a toilet and another for water having such brutal conditions that people didn't survive the trip; a place where once people arrived they went through a selection process those who were fit and healthy to one side and those sent directly to death and other brutalities; a place that meant 'work for your freedom;' a palce where children underwent experimental procedures with shots of drugs and poisons; a place where people being sentenced to death believed they were being disinfected until posionous gas filled the rooms and screams from mothers, babies, and men outbroke; a place where small bunkbeds fit 12 emaciated bodies with the rain, snow, and feces covering the barrock floors; a place where you were shot if seen outside duing the unlawful hours; a place where uniforms were cleaned once a year, a place where everything was taken away from you; a place where more than 1.5 million Polish, Russian soldiers, gypsies and Jews were executed.

It seems in-humane how someone could empower a country and brainwash its people to believe innocent humans should be murdered because of their race, religion or heritage. Walking though the gas chamber and sleeping blocks sent chills down my back. Seeing the 1,000's of shoes, brushes and hair stripped from the prisoners gave an uncomfortable perspective of the brutality of the concentration camp Seeing the execution corner where a whole family was put to death having each one watch the other being shot shows how one person can create such destruction among the world and its people. They say a picture paints a 1000 words but there is no picture that can give you the feeling when walking through Auschwitz and Birkenau.

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Shoes taken from the 'prisoners'Shoes taken from the 'prisoners'
Shoes taken from the 'prisoners'

If you closely, you can see tiny shoes belonging to children

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