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May 24th 2009
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Big elephantBig elephantBig elephant

The one way i always found back to the hostel, cant miss it
Greetings from Amsterdam!

This is my first post fom the Dam adn this place is rockin! i havent figured out how to make paragrapghs on this damn site so it will jsut be one long ass run on sentence. This hostel is MUCH better thatn the previous, i actually got like 8 hours of sleep and that was bloody wonderfull. i kinda chilled today, and didnt do much because i just needed to lay back and relax. i went to the train station and picked up my next train ticket, guess where to? i will let you all guess and i will upadate this again soon. But the red light district is awsome. the women are bountifull, and expensive i think one of them offered something to me for 400 euro, but i dont know what it was, i dont speak dutch. it just sounded like babble. ill shoot some pictures up soon, but ta ta for now!

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Huge park in Amsterdam, tons of people and nice lush grass.

A random dog i made friends with near the Park
The flying PigThe flying Pig
The flying Pig

Awsome!, this hostel is party central.

This is what i ate, over, and over, and over...
Porn? yesPorn? yes
Porn? yes

One of the millions of sex shops around the District.

25th May 2009

I know!
25th May 2009

Have you gotten any yet?

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