how do they say hello in Dutch?

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May 5th 2007
Published: May 5th 2007
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Here we are, Amsterdam! First impressions walking of the train station. whoa. The music blarring, sun shining, and towing building were all very impressive and aestheticaly pleasing as we headed for the tram that would take up to our hostel.
So far all we have had time to do is shower, oh so needed (its been 2? or 3 days? so long i cant remember!) and get a 'snack' of 'chips and salsa' haha..salsa was gooey and stangely ketchupy in taste, the chips were spinkled with cheese powder...i guess were not in Mexico like i thought when i ordered those....
tomorrow i head to the doctor to get the stitches out. im really hoping he/she will tell me its not infected like im suspecting. Meanwhile the crew will be doing much much muuuuch needed laundry... haha you have no idea how much needed that is. i was beginning to think i needed a belt for my jeans, they dont fit any more, but im sure a good wash and dry will do the trick. hopefully.
So after that, i think im going to search out a tulip field, take some pictures, take a lot of pictures. Maybe i will go find some clogs to try on too. What else is there to do here? museums, ehh. maybe take a paddle boat through all the canals. Alls i know is Courtney will be dragging us to the flea market monday. sounds interesting!
Its going to sleep. Hooray for a bed that doesnt moove!

(still looking for the Dutch words....)


10th May 2007

hello=hallo in dutch
23rd May 2008

how do you say south in dutch?
1st September 2008

Hello also
Hello=Hoi Pronounced hoy

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