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August 21st 2019
Published: August 23rd 2019
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August 21, 2019

Our last full day in Amsterdam.

Today our plan is to explore as many neighborhoods as possible. This, of course, depends upon our feet; mine in particular!

First up….Royal Palace.

This is the palace? Really? Nah. REALLY? OK. Pass. I’m such a bitch.

OH….there’s a store across the street. Here we come!

This place is gorgeous! DeBijenkorf – I was wondering where all the nice designer merchandise was in this burg! No designer boutiques – just shops within this store. I thoroughly enjoy looking. No purchasing, even though both if us found many, MANY things which we could (should?) take home with us. NO. We shall be good.

More walking.

We eventually walked from our hotel all the way out to the locks where the Amstel meets the Sea.

We wandered through old town and the Red Light district. Saw a few working women – it’s legal here. Saw a LOT of buildings which are staying up because they’re leaning on the building next to it! Wandered around and saw a few (meaning a TON) of “sex” shops. OK. Keep on trucking.

We just wandered in and out of neighborhoods taking this street or that. We walked past the new City Hall, the Synagogue, the Holocaust Memorial, the Jewish Museum, the open market. OK…the Open Market….really so many, MANY people buying used clothing. At least it keeps it out of the landfill. One man’s junk is another’s treasure. Why not.

We walked over bridges. We walked to the flower market – GORGEOUS. We stopped and inhaled. NO. NOT POT! Geesh.

More walking.

It is now 2:30 and we’re HUNGRY! We decide to go back to “our” neighborhood to find a place to fill our bellies. We crossed the bridge near our hotel and kept on going. Nothing open. A few interesting shops and a school, but no place to eat. This particular area is more residential.

OK…new street. Vegan. HARD PASS. Indian. Nope. Turkish….hmmmm…not open. RATS. Pizza. Ya want Pizza? At this point I’m ready to eat almost anything. Pizza it is. We share. Happy.

Back to the hotel.

My feet are KILLING ME. I need a break. I actually fell asleep – I never take naps. This felt SO. GOOD. Awakened by the maid – our room hadn’t been made up. I stumble to the lobby, Christopher is ahead of me – wide awake. We sat and watched people. OH…our friends the Dallas Ladies are in the lobby. One can hear them from a mile away. Bless their hearts.

After a while, we decide to head back to the room and take another route. WHAT? A games room! LEGO? SO COOL!!!!! Wish we had seen this sooner.

The eternal question….what to do for dinner? The Pulitzer Bar and some nibbles and were done for the day. The cocktail menu is out of this world. So many options. Can’t just drink something typical – so we each order something from the Hemingway Inspired menu. Oh. This works.

A few nibbles a few cocktails and we are ready to pack. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Our trip has come to its eventual end. At least we ended it on a high, VERY HIGH note.


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